DIY Brushstroke Accent Wall Tutorial

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DIY Brushstroke Accent Wall Tutorial

My house has gone through a bit of a facelift these past few months. I’m so excited about all of the changes because they make my home feel so much more grown-up. One of the things I was most excited about doing, was my gallery wall! The original gallery wall looked something like this. It was a bland wall with art and photos that didn’t have a ton of meaning. Instead, with the help of my decorator, Rachael of Snow Studio, we not only came up with a new layout for images, but a super fun DIY for the wall too with The Home Depot.

Rachael initially suggested a wallpaper for this wall. But I have NO idea how to hang wallpaper and thought it would be a difficult project to attempt on my own. Plus, although it’s a small wall, it still would have cost a pretty penny. Instead, I decided to mimic the wallpaper and do a DIY brushstroke accent wall. It couldn’t have been easier and more fun to do. Here’s what I did and how you can create this statement wall in just a couple of hours and the help of The Home Depot.

How To Do A DIY Brushstroke Accent Wall

DIY Brushstroke Accent Wall Tutorial

This project could not have been easier. You only need a handful of supplies available at The Home Depot. And it costs next to nothing. Which is even better, right? Plus, it’s super fast and can be done in just a couple of hours. It was also very enjoyable. I had a great time doing it. Just throw on some music or a podcast and get to work!

What You Need

Step One – Grab Some Paint

I headed to The Home Depot and picked up a few paint color samples. I was torn between a few options and ideas. From going dark to match my BEHR MARQUEE® Starless Night in the living room, to choosing a more neutral like BEHR Sedona Pick. I also picked out PPG Jamaican Dream that’s a bit more bright and electric. To find a happy medium, I also picked up BEHR Dayflower to test out and BEHR Hemisphere.

Grabbing a few samples is affordable and you’ll make sure you get the right color. Also, if you’re trying to match a specific color, I highly recommend using the ProjectColor™ App. It’s a great app for your phone where you can upload or take a photo in the app and it easily finds the perfect color match. You can find a match from anything like a photo, fabric, or wallpaper!

Step Two – Pick A Few Brushes

This one is totally up to you and your preference. Each brush will give you a different look. I picked up a standard 1-inch sponge brush and a handful of flat and trim brushes in different sizes. I recommend purchasing a few so you can find one that works for your style and vibe you’re going for.

DIY Brushstroke Accent Wall Tutorial

Step Three – Test Out Your Paints + Brush Strokes

Once you have these two things, head home and test out your paints and brushes. Use basic white paper to just practice and see what you like. I even hung a few on the wall to see which colors I liked best. I tested out a handful of colors and ended up really liking this mid-blue called Hemisphere by BEHR. It was in between the Dayflower and the bright saturated Jamaican Dream from The Home Depot’s 2020 color trends. I also really liked the 1-inch angle brush out of all the brushes I picked up. I found the brush to be a tad too thick for what I had in mind, so I actually cut off about half of them making it less thick, but still 1 inch in length.

DIY Brushstroke Accent Wall Tutorial

Step Four – Get Your Paint!

Now that you’ve figured out which paint color you want, head to Home Depot’s paint department and get yourself some paint! A small accent wall won’t require a ton of paint and I used just a pint. I used the BEHR MARQUEE® One-Coat Interior Paint formula to make it super easy. Just one coat is all you need. I chose to do this in an eggshell finish.

Step Five – Set Your Wall Up For Success

You can do a few things here. For me, I make a mess so I taped my trim using FrogTape Multi-Surface Painters Tape and also got a drop cloth. If your wall isn’t already the color you want it for the background, be sure to paint that a few days before you do the accent wall. I just went with classic white. I personally don’t think you need to stress about the white underneath since most of it will be covered by your brushstrokes.

Step Six – Start Painting!

This is the fun part. As in, IT’S SO MUCH FUN! There’s really no rhyme or reason here. Just start somewhere and keep going. I found doing the trim areas of the wall in one step each was easiest. It definitely took a bit more effort to keep things off the wall/trim. The rest though is really a free for all. Just make strokes in the same direction all over. Keep things somewhat similar.

My strokes ended up being shorter strokes up and down just like I practiced. I varied the starting point of the lines so they weren’t all horizontal in a straight line. But I’ve definitely seen tutorials where you can do this. I preferred the more organic look and it made it easier without having to worry about being in a straight line.

I found myself adding paint to the brush every 6-8 strokes, if not sooner. Definitely keep your paint close by. Mine was in my hand the entire time. If you’re using a gallon, I’d recommend pouring some into an easy to use cup that you can hold and bring with you while moving around the wall.

DIY Brushstroke Accent Wall Tutorial
That’s it!

This project really couldn’t have been easier. And it’s so fun and simple. There’s no way to really screw it up either. You can also see my tutorial on IGTV and IG Highlights here. I can’t wait to see your projects come to life!

gallery wall and a diy brushstroke accent wall tutorial

Photos by Hannah Lozano

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  1. 1.23.20
    Dana Mannarino said:

    This is seriously one of my favorite DIYs ever!!! LOVE how it came out!

    Dana | The Champagne Edit 

  2. 1.23.20
    Emma said:

    I’m OBSESSED with your accent wall! It came out so good Jess! I’ve been trying to find a wall in my townhouse to do something similar for a little contrast. Can’t wait to play with ideas like this.

    – Emma

    • 1.27.20
      Jessica said:

      It’s great for a little powder room too! I think it makes a big statement. CAn’t wait to see how your master bedroom wall comes out!

    • 5.4.20
      Kelly said:

      Thank you so much for posting this tutorial! I just finished mine and love it! Much easier than attempting to hang wall paper. This is such a fun and easy project to add some punch to an otherwise plain wall! Thanks again:)

      • 5.4.20
        Jessica said:

        Love to hear this!!

      • 8.7.20
        Mari said:

        Beautiful wall and I just love your photo frames. Can you share what size they are and where your purchased? Thanks!

        • 8.7.20
          Jessica said:

          Under the “shop the post” section there’s a link to the frames just swipe to see all the products to shop

  3. 1.23.20
    Laura Leigh said:

    Still soooo impressed you did this! The patience you have – I am envious! Looks amazing!!

    xo Laura Leigh

    • 1.27.20
      Jessica said:

      I actually have ZERO patience so I’m shocked I did this. But I absolutely enjoyed doing it so much I think that’s why I was able to actually complete it.

  4. 1.23.20
    Ro said:

    I am obsessed with this! You can tell so much labor went into this and it came out so nicely that it almost looks like wallpaper! Definitely considering doing this for our bedroom!

    • 1.27.20
      Jessica said:

      It was super fun and makes such a statement

  5. 1.29.20
    Joseph said:

    You make it seem so simple. Thank You!

  6. 3.3.20

    Great interior inspiration!!

  7. 4.12.20
    Tarah said:

    This is so good!! I love those sconces btw! Where are they from?

  8. 5.21.20
    Tracy Smith said:

    This is absolutely awesome! It has the look of the trendy wallpapers out there! Great job!
    This would be just right for my back entrance/pantry. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • 5.21.20
      Jessica said:

      So perfect for a pantry! Hope you give it a try

  9. 6.9.20
    Patti said:

    I love, love this! I can’t see from the post what color you ended up using or did I miss it?

    • 6.9.20
      Jessica said:

      It’s listed in the steps! I went with Hemisphere by BEHR

  10. 7.8.20
    Erika Crawford said:

    I just finished up my wall in the nursery! You were right, SO easy to do! I actually think I would have got away with just using the sample paint, because of how minimal paint you actually use! Thank you for sharing this! I LOVE my new wall!

    • 7.8.20
      Jessica said:

      Oh I love to hear this! Thanks for sharing. And yes a sample size is usually good for a small accent. Now what to paint next ha!

  11. 8.31.20
    Jodi Mynarcik said:

    I love this! Great job! Is this a textured wall or flat? I want to do this but my wall is textured so I am not sure how great it will turn out.

    • 9.1.20
      Jessica said:

      It’s a standard flat wall but it might work either way!

  12. 9.1.20
    maria diniz said:

    I love this one DIY!!!! So calm this color, blue navy. I understand your techiniques and I will do soon. Thanks!!!! Beautiful!!!! Kisses from Brasil.

  13. 9.14.20
    DR Barnes said:

    This technique would be so pretty on the ceiling of a small powder room!

  14. 9.18.20
    Megs said:

    What color do you have on the wall as your base? I’m struggling with finding the right background color.
    Thank you!!

    • 9.18.20
      Jessica said:

      It’s just plain ol white with nothing in it, just the paint base. I wouldn’t worry too much about the background at all. It’s up against my chantilly lace walls and you wouldn’t even know it’s not the same since it looks like wallpaper.