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non flower delivery gift ideas

There’s always those moments in life that you just want to send a litlte something to a loved one. And when you can’t be with them, having a great gift delivered is ideal. Sure flowers are great, but honestly, sometimes you just need something a litlte more meaningful and helpful. Or just more special. I’ve personally sent my fair share of flowers to friends and clients, but having something more unique and special is always more memorable if you ask me.

Over the years I’ve discovered a few great companies who deliver incredible gifts for you. Whether you friend recently lost someone important to them, or lost their job, or just needs a little pick me up, these gifts are sure to do the trick. Or if you want to send Mom something a little different than just Mother’s Day flowers, these will definitely bring a smile to her face.

Great Non-Flower Delivery Gift Ideas

Curated Boxes

For birthdays, special occassions or just because, these are a few great dleivery gift ideas for her. For Mom, your sister, your best friend, and everything in between.

Small Packages is a company that does the cutest care packages and varying themes. From a new home, to just because or self-care, they have tons of great options to send to loved ones. They also have ones for those not so great times like a breakup or bad news.

Bright Box are super fun and affordable boxes to send to friends. They have curated boxes to choose from or you can build your own. I also love the confetti cards which are full of confetti! A more exciting birthday card to open if you ask me!

Knack has gorgeous boxes that are a bit more high end and luxurious. They’re also one of the few I’ve found that has a decent selection for gifting to him as well. There’s also lots of great food care packages to send as well through them.

Simone LeBlanc gift baskets are absolutely stunning. A lot of great self-care options as well. Perfect for Mother’s Day, or someone who needs a little pick me up.

Food Gifts To Send

Sometimes when you’re not well, going through a tough time, just had a baby or surgery, cooking is the LAST thing on your mind. Sending food is always a well received gift if you ask me. And yes, cookies for a birthday gift is always a good idea.

I had a family member receive this Spoonful of Comfort after a surgery and it was absolute perfection. The package included a big jar of chicken soup, rolls and cookies. I’ve since sent it to friends who were going through a rough time and knew cooking wasn’t really on their mind. It’s absolutely packaged perfectly and just feels like home. And if they’re not a chicken soup fan, there are other options to choose from!

Tiff’s Treats is a favorite spot for cookies in town and they do delivery. Getting a box of a dozen cookies is simply the greatest thing ever if you ask me. Perfect for a birthday or to comfort a friend.

Tatte Bakery is one of my favorite bakeries and cafes in Boston. They offer gift boxes you can send with their granola, cookies and treats. This also is something a lot of bakeries offer around the country. I’d recommend reaching out to your favorite bakery, or one in the recipients’ area, to see if they offer gift boxes. Great way to support local and send something you love.

Non-Flower Gift Ideas

Sending flowers is great, but they die! I personally prefer a plant. I love The Sill’s options for indoor potted plants that aren’t overly expensive. They’re the same price as a nice flower arrangement but will last way longer!

Photo by Tatte Bakery

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  1. 4.28.20
    Laura Leigh said:

    We have been sending Tiff’s Treats every week to a couple of friends. Such a fun way to spread some cheer! Need to check out all of the rest of these though – they’re all new to me besides Tiff’s.

    xo Laura Leigh

    • 4.28.20
      Jessica said:

      The spoonful of comfort is my go to anytime has a surgery and needs food but you can’t bring it over. The branding is super on point!