How To Re-Style Your Home Without Spending A Dime

How To Re-Style Your House Without Spending A Dime

I’m pretty notorious for changing my house up every so often. New this, new that, new wall color. I blame this on working from home and easily get bored of my surroundings. But I rarely ever spend a lot of money on it all. It’s super easy to totally change up your space without spending a dime. Yes, you read that right. And now’s a good as time as ever to switch some things up.

If you already have lots of little knick knacks, trays, books, and such, this is going to be super easy! I can’t take full credit for this process either. I read the Emily Henderson book ‘Styled’ and she talks about this a lot. So I tried it for myself and what do you know, it works! The reason why it works is that everything will feel new and fresh once you finish this process. I promise! That little sculpture in the bathroom may now be perfect in the living room making it feel brand new to you.

This is also a good way to take inventory of what you have and what you may want to eventually add to your house. I’ve done this 3 times now in my home and it’s crazy how different it all feels and I’ve truly not added much to my home in terms of home decor items. Here’s how to do it!

How To Re-Style Your House Without Spending A Dime

How To Re-Style Your House Without Spending A Dime

Step One

Remove everything from every shelf and table in your house. Yes, everything. Don’t forget rooms like the bathroom or your nightstand. All the frames, trays, books, baskets, vases and little tchotchkes. Take them and place them in one big pile. On your kitchen table, or island or even the floor.

Step Two

Now that everything is removed, at least take this opportunity to dust the shit out of your house. Clean all the shelves and tables and also all the things you just pulled off of them. You’ll thank me later for knocking this one out.

Step Three

Once everything has been cleaned, you can start creating little vignettes to place around your home. A vignette is just a little collection or cluster of items that complement one another.

Below are also a few tips on how to create a perfect vignette that’s visually appealing. But that’s it!

5 Tips To Creating A Vignette

Ground Everything

Have something that grounds it all. This can be a tray, or a box, or a stack of books. And a little tip for stacking books, remove the covers of them as most of them are a more neutral color!

Add A Sculptural Element

This just means something that has a shape to it that isn’t just a box. This is where those little knick knacks and figurines come into play. A few things I personally have in my house are interesting little vases, hourglasses, succulents in tiny pots and so on. Also, plants are really great for adding sculpture and movement to vignettes. A simple ivy plant is great!

Choose Odd Numbers

Having just two things together doesn’t feel complete and is not as visually appealing. Choose 3 or 5 items to place together. A good example would be 1 item that grounds the vignette (a tray), plus one sculptural item and maybe one non-sculptural item like a frame or box.

Add Depth + Height

You don’t need to place 3 things in a line. Add some depth and interest and create layers. Place a tall frame towards the back of a shelf, and then put 2-4 things in front and to the side of it. Think outside the box too as you can always lean a frame against a wall or a mirror and then place things in front of that for instant depth. Adding height and depth will create a visually appealing vignette for your home.

Take A Step Back

Once you place something, it doesn’t HAVE to stay there. Take a step back and look at it from a few feet away. Is it balanced? Does it work with the rest of the shelf? Can you add or move something around? Just play with it and see what works and what doesn’t. You’ll eventually start to see it come together and start to learn how to create pretty vignettes.

Photos by Hannah Lozano

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    Great tips – my husband will be so excited when we do this, this weekend haha!

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    Karly said:

    I love to shop my own home (and, I’m doing it a lot these days). Great tips for styling a vignette, too!


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    Lisa Autumn said:

    So many cute ideas girl!

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