Date Night Ideas During Quarantine

date night ideas for couples during quarantine, covid date night ideas

I don’t know about you, but I’m running out of socially distant ideas to do with friends. It’s also a bit more challenging as a single person as you may recall this post on what it’s like to be single during COVID. I decided to ask my married friends what they’re doing for date night during this time. I figured they’d have some solid ideas of what me and my friends can do at a distance. Whether you’re married, single, or give zero fucks about the virus, these are some fun activities to do together that’s not just grabbing dinner or cocktails. Once this pandemic is (hopefully) over, these are just great ideas that get you out of your usual routine.

In this single girls guide to COVID post, I know I sort of hate on my married friends a bit for having a built-in virus-free buddy. I know everyone is dealing with their own battles and I know you know that too. This is just a good reminder that not everything is peachy and perfect on the outside as it may seem.

everyone’s battling something

I had a follower message me that she’s so sick and tired of people telling her “you’re so lucky you don’t have kids right now” while they’re struggling with fertility issues silently. Or the relationship that was already rocky before COVID and is now exhausting and draining and feeling “stuck”. Or those who have kids and are trying to balance it all while working, being a home-school teacher and also a spouse. Or my best friend Cathy who had a baby during all of this and is navigating motherhood at a distant. Never forget that people have things going on behind closed doors. And we don’t need them to share it to still be supportive and respectful no matter what.

So just as I asked my married friends to check on their single friends. I’m also calling on all my single people to check on their married friends too. We all have to be here for one another during this time. Relationships and friendships are harder now than ever. Take the time to send a handwritten not, get on a FaceTime or just check in with a text to see how virtual learning is going.

Date Night Ideas During Quarantine

But I’m turning to my married friends who I admire. I really do have the best friends with the best significant others. And asked them how they’re dealing with the monotony of quarantine. How they’re switching up date night that’s safe and socially distant for them. And just a reminder that just because – as I like to say it – living out all the best date night ideas from Cosmo – life is still happening beneath it all.

Laura Elliott

My husband and I have been doing at home themed date nights. They have been a total blast to plan and partake in. We had a OBX themed night where we made shrimp and grits, dressed as pogues and watched a couple episodes of the Netflix show.

Another night we went south of the border. My husband put on salsa music, made margaritas, and pulled up some YouTube videos to learn how to salsa at home. It was so much fun to learn a new dance and do something a little different. After our salsa lessons we indulged in tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole as well as corn tortilla tacos. Themed at home date nights have definitely become a new go to in our household! 

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Hannah Lozano

We cook together a lot and used to do meal kits but have since started DIYing that. Cooking together is one of our favorite things to do together.

We also have a Friday night tradition where we do popcorn with m&ms in it and have it whenever we watch a show or movie that night. Kinda silly but we look forward to it all week.

We literally never do “date nights” but making time every day to sit and connect without phones and TV is really nice. 

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Manu Muraro

We have done a couple of private live zoom entertainment. First a jazz night with Aymerica Cantor Frances. He’s a French jazz musician that lives in Brazil and I highly recommend – plus the exchange rate is really favorable. We also did a stand up comedy night with Joel Byars and friends. We invited another 3 couples to join – it was a really fun way to have a special night and treat our friends too. We dressed up and sent the group a special cocktail recipe ahead of time so we can pretend we’re all together.

Another cool idea that we haven’t done yet is the drive-in movie theatre on Moreland here in Atlanta. It’s open and everyone needs to stay in their cars. 

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Shelby Back

One of my favorite things Tyler & I have done during COVID is a bike bar crawl! In Lexington, KY, most of our favorite restaurants have their patios open. On a pretty day we’ll check out of work early & hop on our bikes & ride around downtown. We’ll bike through our favorite neighborhoods & stop at our favorite breweries, bars & restaurants for happy hour along the way. We’ll either grab a drink or snack at each place & then move onto the next! Our bikes have been one of our most used items in 2020.

We also love biking to grab morning coffees or to the farmers market for a little day date. Staying active (& safe!) while exploring our city has been a silver lining for us. 

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Lauren Price

One of the things that is probably helping us is that we’re still trying to have date nights every week (or every other week). Although we can’t really go anywhere and it means we’ll still be at home – with each other – I think having something to do other than working or working out or sitting on the couch watching new Netflix shows is actually keeping the spark alive a bit!

Check out Lauren’s post here on some at-home date nights too!

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Cathy Peshek

When it’s nice out, we do try to do family walks and bring a picnic when we can. We’ve yet to go to a real restaurant with baby Miles so we have to improvise traditional date nights for now.

For an at home date-night, this usually includes ordering out a ton of yummy takeout and opening a good bottle of wine (skipping the boxed wine) and watching a movie together when the baby is down.

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  1. 9.16.20
    Laura Leigh said:

    such a great post Jess! thank you for including me…and Joshua! loved reading what all the other gals and their husbands are doing during this time. definitely want to try out this popcorn and m&m combo Hannah talked about next movie night.

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. 9.21.20 said:

    Jessica, Thanks for introducing me to your new friends