How To Pack The Most Reliable Makeup Bag For Your Purse

How to Pack The Most Reliable Makeup Bag For Your Purse, cute makeup bags - My Style Vita @mystylevita

Truth be told, this isn’t my actual makeup bag. This is the bag I keep in my purse which I supposed is also called your makeup bag? Anyway, this is the bag I use in my purse and as I switch out purses, I just grab this bag and toss it in. It’s a way for me to keep everything I need in one spot so that my purse is never a mess (I will say my purse is truly NEVER a mess).  These may not be items I use every single day, but they’re those things you don’t realize you need until you REALLY need it.

Here’s what I always have on hand. From a few essential makeup products like concealer and blush for a quick touch up in an emergency to a few drugstore favorites. This is how to pack the most reliable makeup bag for your purse so you’re prepared for (just about) anything.

What To Keep In Your Bag At All Time

  1. Hand Sanitizer – I’m not a big germ freak AT ALL, but sometimes you just never know when you need to clean up your hands. This comes in handy most when I’m traveling. I actually DESPISE this one in my bag. It smells awful, and I just can’t wait for it to be done so I can buy a new one with a different scent. But regardless, there’s always a hand sanitizer on me.
  2. Nail File – There’s nothing worse to me than breaking a nail and not being able to fix it right away. This is probably one of the most used items in this bag.
  3. Make-Up – There are just a few makeup essentials I have on hand. They’re basically the products I would only need in a hurry if I had to look decent in a pinch. They include my Mary Kay concealer to cover up under eye circles and blemishes. Also, mixed with a little moisturizer the concealer could be used as a tinted moisturizer.  My it Cosmetics Cream blush to easily apply with fingers, brow pencil, and not pictured, tiny mascara. I always have several lip glosses and lipsticks on hand at all times. They seem to always find their way into this bag and also my Hobo wallet.
  4. Perfume – I like to have a perfume to easily grab and this little travel one is the perfect size. I also use these roller balls in my toiletry bag when I travel which is a great option that doesn’t take up space.
  5. Gum – Enough said.
  6. Drugs – I use this little pill container to keep a few things on hand like Alka-Seltzer (the hangover cure you guys) Advil and Claritin D.
  7. Mary Kay Sheets – These are great to blot excess oil off your skin. Great for long sweaty days. I remember being at an event with an editor friend and learning this amazing trick.  The photographer went to take her photo, but before she did, she handed us these oil blot sheets because it was one humid day. It was a game changer, we instantly looked like we hadn’t been sweating our butts off all night.
  8. Moisturizer – Anytime I stay at a W hotel I grab every single travel moisturizer I can find. It’s one of my favorites. I also sometimes have this L’Occitane one on hand in Cherry Blossom scent. But because of its price point, I rarely ever have one unless it’s a gift.  Hint hint, if you need to buy me something, buy me all the L’Occitane Cherry Blossom products there ever were.
  9. The Other Shit – You know, tampons, hair ties, bobby pins. The things you should probably have on you no matter what. If you don’t, then head to your bathroom stat and add them to your makeup bag to avoid future emergencies.

I keep all of these things in my initial Burberry makeup bag that I received as a sweet gift during my London visit. They must know I LOVE navy and gold. The moment I got home I tossed my old purse makeup bag (I mean, is there an official term for this thing?) and swapped it out with this one. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it when I take it out after a meal to freshen up. And it holds quite a bit! I love that it’s nylon as well, it looks just as new as the day I got it.

I’d love to know, what do you always keep on hand in case of emergencies?

How to Pack The Most Reliable Makeup Bag For Your Purse, cute makeup bags - My Style Vita @mystylevita

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  1. 8.10.17

    I do the same thing, one bag I transfer from purse to purse! Makes like so much easier!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  2. 8.11.17
    Sloss said:

    This make up bag is SOLD OUT. I’m devastated….