How To Really Cure That Dry Winter Skin From Head to Toe

The heat has been blasting non stop for weeks now and there seems to be no end in sight. For most people this means dry, cracked skin anywhere from your face, lips hands to feet.  Between the dry weather and the never ending pumping of heat everywhere we go, our skin is literally being sucked dry of its moisture. Hydrated skin is happy skin. It keeps you looking young and it  just feels better. Creating winter skincare habits is essential to keeping dry cracked skin at bay. It all starts with your morning shower in my opinion and continues through to your bed time routine. Dry skin seems to be plaguing everyone this time of year and today I’m sharing the 6 products I swear by that helps truly cure that dry winter skin.


In The Shower

I like to shave my legs with baby oil and for good reason. It’s instantly hydrating, makes for a better closer shave and acts as a moisturizer. I never, I mean NEVER, use moisturizer on my legs if I shave that morning with baby oil. No matter how dry or how much heat is pumping through my house.

Baby Oil

Fact, you’ll get a better shave and longer lasting hydration if you swap out your shaving cream for this baby aisle staple.  I swear by this stuff and it’s my saving grace especially most in the winter time.

$4.99 Baby Oil

Post Shower Routine

A post shower routine is essential to maintaining hydrated skin throughout the day. It’s ideal to put moisturizer on your body when it’s still a little damp. Your skin will absorb it better making for longer lasting hydration. Always remember to use SPF even during the winter months. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t get a sunburn. In fact, I had my WORST sunburn of my entire life while snowboarding Mt. Hood. The sun reflects off the white snow and amplifies it resulting in harmful rays damaging your skin.

CosMedix Humidify

My daily routine won’t ever not consist of Cosmedix. I’ve been a die hard fan for almost three years and you’ve heard me rave about it here and here. I recently tried their newest product, Humidify. An intense hydration that not only helps to hydrate, but also helps to boost the integrity of the skin to fight against dehydrating. I like that their products are proactive like this. And fun fact, I actually have been using this on my cracked heels and it’s made a HUGE difference.

$90 Cosmedix Humidify


A great drugstore buy that does what it needs to. Hydrates and doesn’t have any strong perfumes in it. This is a great daily moisturizer for all over your body. This product does not contain sunscreen, so if you plan on exposing those limbs to the winter sun, add a little SPF.

$9 Cetaphil

Hands & Feet

My hands and feet always seem to suffer the most during the winter months. Between my constant handwashing and the climate, they’re usually the worst off. I like to use a few products that I keep handy for great hydration. I also end up having a bottle of hand moisturizer at every sink in my house. Right after I wash my hands, I apply moisturizer to help replenish my skin. It’s a winter habit I can’t recommend enough.

Aveda Hand Relief

It’s all in the name folks. This stuff is a god send. I keep it in my drawer and use it constantly. Not only does it help hydrate my dry raw hands, it smells AMAZING. Aveda always makes really beautifully smelling products and I love that they don’t test on animals either.

$9-$24 Aveda Hand Relief


If you suffer from dry cracked feet try slathering your feet up with Aquaphor and putting on socks right before bed. You’ll wake up to softer skin for sure. This product is also fragrance free if you’re sensitive to that. Works great on chapped lips or if you’ve been blowing your nose with a cold (like I was the first week of 2018) this helps to heal up that raw skin.

$9 Aquaphor

Dry Cracked Lips

Did you know that your lips don’t have any sebacious glands (along with the palm of your hands, feet and under eye) making this skin the hardest to keep hydrated. These glands help to produce oil where hair follicals are to keep things well, hydrated. Maintaining a good lip care regimen is crucial during cold months. I like to use Vaseline at night and always keep lip balm in my purse, car, desk drawer, you name it.


I use this on my lips daily. Every night before I head to bed I put a nice layer on my lips. This is also a great cure for a raw nose from blowing your nose day in and day out when you have a cold. You can also swap out Aquaphor for Vaseline for similar results for soft feet!

$3.49 Vaseline

Supergoop Fusion Lip Balm

If there’s not a Chapstick, or Vaseline, this is another favorite always at my fingertips. I have one of these at my desk, in my purse, you name it!

$9.50 Supergoop Lip Balm

For more skincare favorites, check out this list!

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  1. 1.11.18
    Laura Leigh said:

    I need to try this baby oil shaving technique! Thanks for sharing lady!

    xo Laura Leigh

    • 1.11.18
      Jessica said:

      Been doing it for years and swear its the greatest thing on the planet!

  2. 1.11.18
    Deanna said:

    Hi Jessica! Question about the baby oil and shaving your legs. You only use the oil, and no shave cream? I’m so used to always using shave cream! 🙂

    • 1.11.18
      Jessica said:

      Haven’t bought a can of shaving cream in YEARS. I just use the baby oil. I apply it to my legs, shave and rinse. It leaves enough oil behind to hydrate my skin without being super oily.

      • 1.12.18
        Deanna said:

        I’m SO trying that this weekend!!