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Coffee is in my experience, universally loved. From the morning cup you enjoy at home, to a Starbucks addiction, we all sort of lie somewhere on the spectrum.  I’m a big fan of iced coffee in the summer time, and occasionally treat myself to an at home latte with my Nespresso. But more often than not, I’m a classic hot cup of coffee from the Keurig with a good splash of cream. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll grab the pumpkin spice creamer during the holidays to add a litlte something.

So in honor of our ritual morning cup of joe, here are 10 really great gifts at every price point. Whether you’re looking for an under $20 gift, to a fancy Nespresso machine, this is the go to list.


1. Feminist Mug

I’m a big fan of big fun mugs, so this one had to make the list. Urban Outfitters also has a few other fun sayings on these mugs, but I think the feminist is a fun one!

$10 Feminist Mug

2. Chemex Pour Over Coffee Maker

A pour over is a very fancy yet easy way to make your coffee in the morning. It’s supposed to give a more flavorful and rich flavor to your coffee. There’s several options to buy from $10 silicone ones, to really fancy ones. This $39 one from Chemex is a great option for everyday.

$39 Pour Over

3. Yeti Tumbler

This tumbler will replace all travel mugs you have. Yeti are notorious for keeping things colder longer, hotter longer, so if you’ve got someone who always has a travel mug, upgrade their tumbler with this beauty.

$34 Yeti Tumbler

4. Handheld Frother

I have one of these and love them. It’s great for frothing quickly without having to mess up a big frother. For under $20, this makes for a great gift for someone who loves a latte.

$19.95 Handheld Frother

5. Cute Mugs From Anthropologie

I think a great mug is always a great idea for a gift. Fill it with a few other things and make a mini basket out of it. Add in a Starbucks gift card, or pretty earrings and a card and you’ve got a complete gift. Anthropologie is always my go to for pretty mugs that are personal. These “Dog Person” ones are too fun!

$12 Mugs

6. Nespresso With Frother

If you’ve got someone special to buy for and a larger budget, a Nespresso is always a great gift. I finally got one last year and although I don’t use it every single day, I do treat myself to a latte maybe once a week.

$175 Nespresso

7. Coffee Now Please Sweatshirt

For the truly coffee obsessed, a fun and cheeky sweatshirt like this one is a great gift. From cute tees, to socks and sweatshirts, it seems the graphic tee world is embracing coffee as much as I do every morning.

$68 Coffee Sweatshirt

8. Coffee Toy Set

It seems more and more of my friends are starting families lately so keeping that in mind, I had to add this sweet coffee play set to the list. For the parents who love coffee, get their kids on the right track with this fun play set so they can partake in the morning ritual.

$20 Coffee Play Set

9. Coffee Body Scrub

For the beauty obsessed who also loves coffee, this is a fun way to incorporate their morning coffee into their beauty routine.

Coffee Body Scrubs

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