My Game Day Approved Cheese Board & Dip Spread

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Charcuterie Board Ideas
Cheese board
Cheese board ideas, best dips to pair with pretzel crisps - My Style Vita-7
charcuterie board ideas, meat and cheese board - My Style Vita
charcuterie board ideas, meat and cheese board - My Style Vita
charcuterie board ideas, meat and cheese board - My Style Vita
Charcuterie Board Ideas
French onion dip
Charcuterie Board Ideas

There’s just a few weeks until the big game and it’s always one of my favorite Sundays. Having a big spread is always a great idea and today I’m sharing a few of my favorite things to include in your game day menu. First, I stocked up on my favorite Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisp® flavors. If you haven’t tried these yet, go on and grab every single flavor. Okay maybe not ALL of them, but you can’t go wrong with any of them. I personally love the Sea Salt and Black Pepper, Original which goes with everything and Buffalo Wing. Let me show you how I pair them!

First let’s chat the cheese board, because it’s honestly one of my favorite things to snack on. For a cheese board I like to always include a few cheese options, soft and hard. And a couple different meats. I went with chorizo salami. A few Marcona almonds, olives and of course, Pretzel Crisps! You can easily grab these right in the deli section so they’re a quick and easy thing to grab while you’re gathering items for your cheese board. I like using the original or the Sea Salt and Black Pepper for the cheese board. Keep the bold flavors for your dips or just on their own! They’re perfect to have on hand because they’re so versatile and make a better-for-you snack with 0g Trans Fat and no saturated fat and cholesterol.

​​​​My Favorite Dip & Pretzel Crisp Combo

Next, dips! I went with three classic dips for today’s big game day spread in addition to the cheese board.

Guacamole is always a favorite. French onion dip which is so easy to make just take a packet of french onion soup mix and a package of sour cream, and voila! I paired the garlic parmesan with these or the Sea Salt and Black Pepper (can you tell these are becoming my favorite flavor). And lastly, pimento cheese. I went with the jalapeño version because I love things spicy! Dip Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps into this one for additional spice! They go together perfectly.

Serve it all up with a signature cocktail and you’ve got the perfect game day spread that will keep your guests full and happy!

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Photos by Hannah Michelle

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  1. 1.9.19
    Lisa Autumn said:

    OMG I want all of this right now!

    x Lisa |

  2. 1.9.19

    Please make this next time I come over to do work, thanks!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  3. 1.9.19
    Lexi said:

    LOVE a great cheese board for parties, and I really like how you added in the dips!

    • 1.9.19
      Jessica said:

      Thanks! I think it makes for a solid spread!

  4. 1.9.19
    Greta said:

    I admit I’m a sucker for a good cheese board! Your photos are making me so hungry.

    • 1.9.19
      Jessica said:

      Same here, I could make a meal out of them!

  5. 1.9.19
    Rachel said:

    Yummy!! I love the pretzel thins – they’re so good with hummus. Love your spread, too!


  6. 1.15.19
    Sarah said:

    Yum!! This looks delicious!!