5 Things I Learned At #TBScon

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It’s been a little over 2 weeks since we wrapped up the 7th Annual Blog Societies Conference. Held at the gorgeous property, Barnsley Resort. About an hour outside of Atlanta, this destination was a fun way to switch things up a bit this year and make #TBScon feel like a true retreat! Cathy and I work all year long behind the scenes making this event come to life. Between securing speakers and educational workshop leaders, to working with the hotel to finding incredible brands to attend and meet our attendees. This event is truly a labor of love and it always makes me insanely happy to see so many women come together for it.

Below is a video recap of the entire weekend. Every single time Drew of Drew Glickman Films sends us this video, I cry. Without fail. It really makes it feel even more real to see it after the fact in a video of everyone experiencing the 3 days together.

What Is The Blog Societies

The Blog Societies is my and Cathy’s of Poor Little It Girls baby if you will. We started this community 7+ years ago with the intent to connect likeminded people in the blogging world while also providing the resources necessary to grow their businesses. To become a part of The Blog Societies, you just need to fill out this application (we just ensure you have an active website and are in fact a blogger!). Members get free access to the Library which has over a dozen downloadable resources. Plus access to the exclusive Facebook group. We also feature our members in our Member Spotlight features, style and food round-ups, plus our latest series, Behind The Blog which may be my favorite thing we’ve recently done.

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What Is TBScon

TBScon is short for The Blog Societies Conference. And it’s a 3-day blogging conference that’s dedicated to connecting like-minded digital publishers, providing them with educational content throughout the weekend and lots of networking with brands. The event is always such a great opportunity to expand your network, connect and grow your business with tangible information that you can begin applying t your business. Plus, there’s tons of great swag to take home and new friendships that develop. And with a picture-perfect backdrop, tons of Instagrammable moments!

PS Learn more about WHY you should attend TBScon here!

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5 Things I Learned At #TBScon

Kristin said it best in our recap video. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been blogging for (and for me that’s 8 years!) there’s always something you can learn to better your business. And this year was NO different. As a matter of fact, I think this was our best educational content to date. It was an overall impressive list of workshop leaders and speakers. Many of which were actually members who have become true experts in parts of the blogging world. I love that we learn from our peers the most at this event. Blogging is truly a wild west kind of industry and we depend on our peers so much to help learn from one another.

Find A Specific Value You Can Bring To Brand Partnerships

Erica of BossPitch hosted a “How To Pitch Your Brand” workshop this year and it was MIND BLOWING. I learned so much in her class and think her BossPitch course may be totally worth the splurge. She honed in on coming up with a great pitch to brands by showcasing the specific value you can bring to the table. Find that common thread, what connects your audience to the brand, or the brand’s audience and product to yours. If you can articulate this in a pitch to your favorite brand, you’re more likely to have a project come to fruition which means getting PAID!

Create A Testimonial Folder

Another thing I learned from her class is to keep a “Testimonial Folder” on your phone. Sure brands can easily see comments and likes. But they never see the DM’s you get about how much this reader loved your post or the picture they sent you of the product they bought because you talked about it. I decided to start one and was able to send client, Tillamook, tons of great DM’s showcasing how my influence WORKED. It’s another way to go above and beyond for projects with your favorite brands.

Update That Instagram Profile

Manu from Your Social Team, a local businesswoman and social media expert, school us on all things Instagram. I loved her tips on Instagram. This included having an About Me highlight and also making sure your bio is being maximized. You should entice your potential follower to not only follow you, but also click that #linkinbio to grab your freebie. Or to learn more about what you offer to your followers.

Get Creative With What You Offer

I feel like this was not only a theme in Kate from Mavenly’s presentation but also Podia. They spoke on Sunday about their platform that handles courses and downloads. Your blog doesn’t have to just be a blog and Instagram. Think outside the box of what you can offer. Figure out what you’re really great at and what you can teach or offer. Then build off that to generate new revenue streams. If you’re really great at photoshop with your blog, maybe create a mini-course. If you’re great with photography, start a photography business on the side.

Sometimes it may take a little trial and error or brainstorming until you figure it out. But a lot of the times it’s right in front of you. For example, the strengths you have from your blog or previous job experiences.

Branding isn’t just about how it looks. It’s about how it makes people feel.

A big amen to this one from Abbey Estep from Wayfarer Design Studio. You may remember that I did a big refresh earlier this year with the help of Amavi Studio. And yes, my branding feels better. But I still have work to do. I swore I’d share more “practical tips” for a more put-together life (that’s the whole point behind my elevated everyday!). But I’ve fallen short. I want my brand to make you feel like you can accomplish or recreate what I write about or photograph, easily. It’s on my to-do list to focus on this much more.

I also tend to get easily distracted by fashion trends that I almost always regret. Or saying yes to a really pretty dress from a brand but then realizing I wouldn’t really wear it again. I may love lots of things, but I don’t need to wear ALL the things. Being more mindful of what “my style” truly is will help to keep that consistent branding and voice across platforms.

To see more photos and a full recap of the 3 day weekend, head on over to The Blog Societies!

A huge thank you to our sponsors for being a part of this year’s event.

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All photos by Hannah Lozano

Video by Drew Glickman Films

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