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lace romper and vest outfit via @mystylevita [My Style Vita] lace romper and vest outfit via @mystylevita [My Style Vita] lace romper and vest outfit via @mystylevita [My Style Vita] lace romper and vest outfit via @mystylevita [My Style Vita] lace romper and vest outfit via @mystylevita [My Style Vita] lace romper and vest outfit via @mystylevita [My Style Vita] lace romper and vest outfit via @mystylevita [My Style Vita] lace romper and vest outfit via @mystylevita [My Style Vita] lace romper and vest outfit via @mystylevita [My Style Vita] Club Monaco Romper | American Eagle Vest | Brahmin Bag  | Trouve Shoes (similar) | Karen Walker Harvest Sunglasses | Dolce & Gabbana Lipstick in FIRE

I’m clearly in love with this black and olive combo as I just wore this exact same look about oh a week ago. But that’s okay, right? Maybe this just means I’m finally narrowing down and refining my personal style. I think some people have their style down pat so well and I just feel all over the place. One day I’m super girly in florals and a skirt, one day I’m a little tomboy-ish in jeans and vans and then the next, who knows. At least we know I like this color combo so that’s a start right? Any tips on refining your style is greatly appreciated because I’m just a hot mess it feels like over here.

I last wore this romper back in January with OTK boots and a blazer. I’m afraid that fall is here and it’s only a matter of time that winter arrives. I’m just not ready for the seasons to change and it makes me a little sad to say goodbye to warm weather. But who isn’t ready to whip those OTK boots back out? So good.

PS this little fancy up do is coming to the blog soon thanks to Rachel at Coleman Alexander Salon. Excited to share some new hair tutorials and beauty ones as well!


photos by JNelly


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  1. 9.15.15
    Charu Fashions said:

    Now that’s looking super cool!!

  2. 9.15.15
    Tamara said:

    Oh I love this romper so much! I need to find something similar!

    Check out my blog if you want:

    Tamara xxx

  3. 9.15.15
    Alyssa said:

    This look is so so good! I love that romper!

    Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

  4. 9.15.15
    Lauren said:

    I seriously need this olive vest!


  5. 9.15.15
    Jessie said:

    I love that color combo, too! This is a great look. I don’t think you necessarily have to fit yourself into one box when it comes to style. Wear what you like, and what you feel good in and that will define your style. It may be a mix of many different looks, but that’s ok!


  6. 9.15.15

    Amazing look! Love this vest <3

  7. 9.15.15
    Zelle said:

    Love love love the romper, especially paired with your vest! Gorgeous!

    Southern Style

  8. 9.15.15
    Sarah said:

    The look is on point! Perfect combo with the lace romper and utility vest.

    xo, Sarah

  9. 9.15.15
    carly said:

    That romper is so pretty! I think it makes it more fun to have variable style. If you wore little feminine dresses everyday it would be so boring…….
    Dresses & Denim

  10. 9.15.15
    Kristina said:

    Loving this mix of fancy and casual! I bounce around a lot with my style too, I think that makes it fun.

    Kristina does the Internets

    • 9.15.15
      Jessica said:

      Totally, but I do sort of envy those people who just always nail it the same time with the same aesthetic.

  11. 9.15.15

    Lovely romper!

    • 9.15.15
      Jessica said:

      Thank you!

  12. 9.15.15

    I haven’t been to Club Monaco in forever…we really need one here in DC. Love this look on you!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    • 9.15.15
      Jessica said:

      Their sale stuff is the best. This one was on clearance last year and I still live in it.

  13. 9.15.15

    I love how the little bit of lace pops out of the vest, and how you paired such a “utility” piece with something romantic! I am unfortunately one of those girls at the front of the “FALL” line, but living in Florida all my life, and finally getting to have 4 seasons, It’s really beautiful to see everything start to change in September!

    xo! Jordan Taylor | petiteMODERN

    • 9.15.15
      Jessica said:

      Me too!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  14. 9.15.15

    Seriously, could you get anymore stunning? Great look!

    Xx Taylor

    • 9.15.15
      Jessica said:

      You are just too kind! xoxo

  15. 9.15.15
    anna said:

    oh my goodness, this is the cutest. Such a great combo! You look amazing, love! xx

    Fash Boulevard

    • 9.15.15
      Jessica said:

      Thanks so much! xo

  16. 9.16.15
    Ally said:

    Nothing better than a good romper when it’s hot outside!

    Xo Ally