Transitional Pieces To Help You Go From Summer To Fall

Best Summer To Fall Transition Tips
Jessica in a blazer
Best Summer To Fall Transition Tips
Jessica removes the blazer and is wearing a mustard top
A plaid blazer is perfect for the end of summer and beginning of fall
The back-view of a blazer
Details in dress help you transition to the fall season
Jessica looks effortless in her blazer and mustard-colored top
Transition pieces are a must for summer to fall
Transition colors help make the seasonal wardrobes blend together

July is quickly coming to a close and I really can’t believe how fast summer is flying by. Come August, we start to think about transition pieces for our wardrobe. Things to add that can help extend those summer pieces and help deal with the soon to be weird weather. That dreaded mix of hot and cool. And also wanting to get into fall pieces but not sweat your ass off either. It’s a tricky time and personally, my least favorite thing to deal with when it comes to getting dressed.

Summer is the easiest season to dress for in my opinion. Just minimal clothing, easy dresses, shorts and tanks. It doesn’t get any easier. Winter, I despise. But that’s because I hate layers. Then fall and spring are just that time that you can’t really get it quite right. Transition pieces help to bridge that weird gap and today I want to share a handful of ideas as that time is quickly approaching.

Tips To Buying Transition Pieces From Summer To Fall

Transition pieces don’t have to be heavy fall items. They’re just there to help you extend your summer outfits into those cooler nights without totally switching over your closet. It’s easy to do and only requires a few pieces that you can style now and well into fall and winter.

Blazers, Cardigans & More

I think this is the easiest trick in the book and they make a statement. Take today’s outfit of just jeans and tank (or even swap the jeans for shorts!) and the addition of this statement blazer makes it the ultimate transition item. One that you’ll wear over and over again. It’s light enough to wear now honestly at night with shorts. But will be perfection come September with so much of your wardrobe. Same goes for a great cardigan!

Add Richer Hues

Adding richer hues to your wardrobe will help you feel like you’re getting ready for the next season. This deep mustard color is a great summer color but also works well for a transition color. Think about deep greens, burgundy and browns. They can feel summery by pairing with white or light denim, but can help transition you into the next season with ease.

Booties Are A Must

A simple bootie and one that’s a peep toe or has pretty laser-cut details, will take all of your summer looks into the next season with ease. Add a pretty bootie to all your summer dresses. Or pair them with your jean shorts and printed tops. You’ll then wear them all fall and winter making them some of your most worn shoes in your closet.

Photos by Hannah Lozano

Jessica is an Atlanta life and style blogger. Aiming to bring practical tips to your every day life. Tips that you can easily tackle and make your life feel just a tad more 'put-together'.

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  1. 8.1.19
    Laura Leigh said:

    Completely in love with this look! And also, so on brand lady with the color combo. Oh and your hair looks AMAZING!

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    Lisa Autumn said:

    I absolutely love this coat!

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    Rachel said:

    I need these shoes and the cami! The color is amazing!


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    I love the plaid blazer!!