6 Favorite Small Bags

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Lately I feel like I’ve given up on the whole giant bag situation. I used to be that person who lugged around a GIANT purse for no good reason. It takes up a ton of space, is usually heavy as can be and also becomes a big catch all for crap. Recently I’ve added a few new bags to my closet that I’m loving. I’ve found myself starting to only gravitate towards my small cross body ones while running out the door. They’ve even forced me to ditch the “makeup” bag, which really just houses my hand sanitizer, chapstick and tissues and a bunch of other crap I never use. Sometimes I even ditch the wallet entirely and swap it out for a cardholder. It’s been liberating to be honest and with fewer things inside, switching it up makes it a little easier. Plus, smaller bags are usually CHEAPER! Voila! More reason to shop now.

Today I’m rounding up my personal closet favorites that I’ve been rotating through from summer through fall.


I discovered Welden Bags thanks to my friend Marissa of Style Cusp. I became instantly obsessed and had to have one. This bag is one of the prettiest things I own if you ask me. It’s suede, with the pretty hexagon pattern and looks so luxurious. Having a go to neutral small cross body will allow you to get the most use out of it. Pair it with browns and cognac, or all black and even navy. You’d be surprised how much goes with this great neutral color.

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This was my summertime go to! The size was perfection, the color is one of my summer favorite hues and it’s simply adorable. I found that I wore this coral color a lot since it paired nicely with navy’s, black and white. Which are three colors I love to wear. It also worked well with plums and burgundy for a fun color block look.

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This was my one splurge of a small bag. It was such a good buy though and I don’t regret it at all. This little bag went with me all over Europe and held my Canon 6D with a 35mm lens on it (for those of you who don’t know cameras, that’s a lot of camera to fit in this bag!). It then meant I had to use my small travel wallet and couldn’t pack more stuff in there, but it was worth it. This bag also comes with backpack straps which I’ve yet to use. I think once summer rolls back around it’ll be my go to backpack.

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This is by far the smallest one I own. It’s a little more tough to get a ton of use out of this bag because of its tiny size. However, it’s a really great bag for night time when you just need your card case, phone and lipstick. This would be perfect with a little black dress, but works great with a casual look like this chambray shirt and jeans.

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This Kate Spade New York has been a fall favorite. I thought at first I’d rarely wear it because it’s such a unique color for a bag. But turns out it goes with a lot from pinks to navy, and every neutral (and I wear a lot of blacks and whites!).  I think everyone should have a bag that’s in a fun fall hue. Whether you go with burgundy like I did, or even an olive or navy would be great too.

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A basic black bag is a must no matter what size. I had to replace the Zara one at the top of this post because it was simply falling apart and was no longer really wearable. Since Welden Bags have quickly become a brand I love, I had to update my go to little black bag with one of their pretty pieces. This satchel has gotten so much use and is even my go to travel bag. I love the size, the crossbody strap and the fact that it can truly go from day to night with ease.

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  1. 11.10.16

    I’m feeling the exact same way – just got too small cross bodies myself!
    xo – katestylepetite.com

  2. 11.10.16
    Laura leigh said:

    I’m swooning hard over that structured handbag! So chic

    xo Laura Leigh

  3. 11.10.16
    Kristina said:

    I’ve been going for smaller bags all the time too! They’re just so much easier, especially if you can go hands-free. I love your fall Kate Spade bag, so gorgeous!!

    Kristina does the Internets

  4. 11.12.16

    I love crossbody’s! I just bought the Gucci disc soho bag and it is the perfect size! The Chloe Marcie has been on my wishlist too but realistically I don’t think it’s big enough for the day to day. Overall great bag wishlist!


  5. 1.21.17

    I am partial to small bags especially cross-body; I like the way they naturally rest on one’s body. I saw some fashionable handbags on https://HillaHandbags.com , they have an excellent selection of small bags!