The Only Kind Of Purse I Travel With

Whenever I travel, I always keep a few things in mind when I’m packing. I like to make sure I have comfortable walking shoes, my passport, a lightweight jacket and so on. The essentials to any trip if you ask me. I even keep a list of those things on my phone to make sure I check off as I pack so nothing is forgotten. You can see that full list and other packing and travel tips here.  I somehow always disregard the last one on my list that says “check weather and bring rainboots and an umbrella if chance of rain”. Literally, every time.

But one thing I always have, and have learned over time is the greatest thing ever, a small, versatile, zipper top crossbody bag. Let me preface with the fact that I always travel with a backpack. No matter what. This is great since I can always use that if I’m going on a longer travel day that requires lugging around more items. But no one wants to wear a backpack with a cute outfit, or have a giant bag on your back all day. So a crossbody is always usually packed inside my backpack or worn on my body during travel days.

4 Reasons I Love A Crossbody Bag For Travel

1. Smaller Means Less Heavy

When traveling, you want to be as light on your feet while exploring as possible. You may be lugging around a big camera, water bottle, and any fun purchases. So the last thing you need is some giant purse. I usually also downsize my wallet to this travel one which is great for just the essentials. My Zac Posen bag that you see me live in, actually fits my Canon 6d 35mm lens. For those of you who aren’t into cameras, it’s giant. If you have a specific camera you always travel with, I’d make sure you can fit your camera into your purse for extra bonus points. My Welden Bag (featured above) fits my little Sony camera which is a great travel camera.

2. Hands Free

A good crossbody bag will keep your hands and arms free. No need to keep pulling up on your shoulder bag, or switching arms because it gets heavy. Throw it on and go. You’ll have your hands free for snapping more photos and eating more food. Eating more food obviously the most important thing here.

3. Stay SafeĀ 

A zip top bag, or one that buckles that’s not super easy to undo, is important for eliminating any risk of pick pocketing. It’s a very real thing in foreign countries and I highly recommend getting a bag that zips entirely. My Zac Posen bag has the sides open, but honestly, I’ve only had my wallet fall out once and it’s because it was un-buckled, and I was an idiot. Also, pick a bag that is made out of a sturdy fabric like leather. This will decrease your likelihood of getting your bag slashed (yes this happens too).

4. Look Chic

A travel purse doesn’t have to be some loser bag that lacks style. Hence the reason for today’s post. I’m all about a beautiful leather crossbody and there’s so many out there that are stylish and will take your jeans, Adidas and tee to another level.

Now onto the fun part. Which bag will you buy to be your go to travel purse? Below are a few of my personal favorites and ones I use often myself.

1. Welden Voyager Small Flap Satchel

The bag I use most, this is perfect for travel since it literally goes from day to night easily. Hold it by the handles for a more evening like bag. It also has a front flap pocket which perfectly fits my phone so I’m not constantly unzipping my bag. I have it in black, but am currently drooling over this tan suede version.

$395 Welden Bag

2. Cambridge Mini Satchel

The Cambridge satchel is a classic bag and is always in style. The mini version is great and comes in tons of colors. I like this bag because the buckles aren’t easy to undo which is a key feature to have in a great travel purse.

$210 Cambridge Satchel

3. Sole Society Korah Saddle Bag

The most affordable bag on today’s list, the Sole Society saddle bag is perfection! It comes in black and cognac. And at only $59, might as well get both! With a zipper top and perfect size, this one is My Style Vita approved!

$59 Sole Society Saddle Bag

4. Baggu Circle Crossbody Bag

Ever since I got this circle bag, I realized everyone should own a circle bag. They’re so fun! This one from Baggu is just gorgeous in tan suede and has a zip top.

$160 Baggu Crossbody

5. Rebecca Minkoff MAB Camera Bag

I mean the name says it all. This bag is designed for your travel camera! This is a favorite Rebecca Minkoff bag. I have several of her bags and they last forever and hold up to quite a bit.  This one comes in white, black and cognac. I’m loving the white though, such a fun one for summer.

$175 Rebecca Minkoff Bag

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  1. 6.15.17
    Laura Leigh said:

    Definitely agree, a cross body bag is a must when it comes to traveling. Love your go to one!

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. 6.15.17

    I need to get that RM Camera Bag…love it!!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  3. 6.16.17
    tiffany said:

    Hi great travel tips! Well wishes to you


  4. 6.19.17
    Abby said:

    Me too! Crossbody bags are easier to wear and so convenient for traveling!

    Abby | Life in the Fash Lane

    • 6.21.17
      Jessica said:

      So convenient! It’s all I wear now too in my day to day.

  5. 6.20.17
    Jessica said:

    Yes to crossbody bags! They are so easy to wear and add a chic detail to an outfit!

    Jessica |

  6. 2.18.18
    ashield said:

    Love your picks! Chic and timeless but also very travel friendly. Do you recommend black or tan for a go-to travel bag?