The Home Products I Can’t Live Without

The Home Products I Can't Live Without
My Style Vita is sharing The Best Products For The Home

Everyone has their go to products that may be minimal, small, inexpensive, but they can be life-changing. Making every day tasks easier, or helping to make your home feel more tranquil. Sometimes you get into a habit of picking up the same sponge, or the same this or that at the store to replenish. But sometimes it takes hearing about something new, that you may already have but just different, from a friend for it to really make a difference.

So in hopes to help with the everyday life tasks at home, or everyday nuances, I may just have something for you. I’m rounding up the things I just couldn’t live without. I mean I could, I get it, but they’re my most used items in my home. Or the things that make my home run more smoothly.

Best Products For The Home

1. Drain Protector

I quickly learned the importance of a drain protector after a VERY expensive plumber had to come out to fix my shower drain. Clogs no more! This little thing catches hair (and yes I have lots of hair so it comes in handy!) and will save me money on future plumbing issues.

Drain Protecter $12.99

2. Scrub Mommy

You may have seen these on QVC or other shopping networks and the schpeal is worth the hype! I love these things. They scrub everything so well and don’t damage your non stick pans. I clean them in the dishwasher to extend the life of them and sanitize them every few weeks. They make two versions but I prefer the Mommy because it has a soft sponge on one side, and a tough scrubbing one on the other.

Scrub Mommy 3 Pack $9.99

3. Chord Covers

I’ve had these for YEARS and they just make hiding all your ugly chords so easy. I put my chord strip in it and plug everything in. There’s one at my TV media stand housing all the ugly chords and one at my desk.

Bluelounge CableBox $29.99

4. Laptop Lap Desk

I don’t prefer to work from my couch when I’m at home, but sometimes it’s just calling my name. As in, Pork looks really comfy and I want to hang out with her. Having a lap desk makes it so much easier, the computer doesn’t get hot and it’s so much more comfortable. I keep mine under my sofa so I can easily grab it when I want to work while cuddled up with Pork.

Laptop Lap Desk $22

5. Global Classic 8″ Chef’s Knife

I’ll never forget when I first lived on my own and my Mom took me shopping for my apartment. She made sure I had all the essentials and I remember a good couple of knives was her big life tip. You don’t need a lot. A good pairing knife and chef’s knife is all you usually need. But last year I got a Global Classic chef’s knife as a gift and OMG it is the greatest thing I’ve ever used. #ADULTING when you get stoked about a knife. But it’s truly the best and I hate not cooking without it now.

Global Classic Knife $69.99

6. Google Home

I just love my Google Home. It’s how I play music when I’m at home, how I add things to my grocery list, alarm clock and timer. I also ask it questions like “Hey Google, can dogs eat [insert whatever fell on the ground]?” and I get an instant response.

Google Home $49 – $99

7. Round Kleenex Box

I don’t know about you, but I am always blowing my nose. I blame bad sinuses. So there are boxes of tissues all over my home. But I hate having them on my nighstand as I think it’s such an eyesore no matter how pretty the box is. So when I found these round Kleenex boxes, my problem was solved. They fit perfectly in my shallow drawers and also fit in the door of my car.

Pack of 4 $5.99

Which home items or hacks do you swear by? Share below I’d love to check them out!

PS check out my eco-friendly tips for a more earth friendly home here.

Photos by Hannah Michelle

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  1. 4.18.19
    Lisa Autumn said:

    OMG the chord covers are so simple but I feel like I need them!!! Thank you lovely 🙂

    x Lisa |

    • 4.20.19
      Jessica said:

      They make your house feel SO much more put together. Highly recommend them!

  2. 5.9.19

    I appreciate your post! These products are really essencial. Thanks for posting this article with us and please keep this up!

  3. 9.5.19
    Scrub Daddy said:

    Thanks for the shout out!