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Anytime I travel, I usually fall down a rabbit hole of social media follows. I end up going through hashtag after hashtag and love finding local people to follow who take gorgeous photos. Over the years they’ve become my favorite accounts on my social media feed. Always gorgeous photos and of some of my favorite cities. It ignites some serious wanderlust though for sure, but also reminds me of the amazing memories and experiences I had in their cities.  It’s one of my favorite travel tips to search Instagram to find great restaurants, beautiful spots and great places that may be off the beaten path.

Recently I discovered that I was following the author (or more like photographer) for the Paris In Bloom book that I picked up in Paris. It’s no wonder I loved the book, her account was one of my favorites!  I didn’t even realize that I was a long time follower of her account. Following beautiful accounts helps to inspire me too which is always helpful being in this creative industry. I try to follow less bloggers (competition and comparison can be a total mind fuck sometimes) so adding lots of pretty things to keep my feed inspiring is most important sometimes.

Here’s my list of my favorite pretty accounts. You can bet that they’ll always post pretty images of pretty things. What more could you want?



Now a friend, but she was our photographer for our very first conference we hosted in Charleston. Ever since, we’ve kept in touch, visit when we’re in town and always love to see her gorgeous snaps of Charleston.  Oh she’s also gorgeous, so be sure to follow her stories.

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I’m going to just warn you that the next few accounts are all London based. I’ll try to narrow it down but I went into a follow frenzy of London accounts. When I was on my last visit there, I ended up following at least a dozen new accounts who all snapped gorgeous photos of this charming little city and it’s colorful flats.  This account also runs ThePrettyCities which is another great one to follow.


It’s all in the name, folks. This account is full of pink finds across London. I may be bookmarking (don’t you just love this new Instagram feature) lots of her posts so I can find them when I return in the future. Since my closest girl friend just moved there, I think a pink tour is in order when I head that way.

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Another great find during a home decor rabbit hole of following. I also love her stories, she seems so real and funny. Her decor style is kind of my dream. Boho, feminine yet still put together and modern. I’m obsessed. Oh and she also has two doggies, so basically she rules.



I love meeting fellow bloggers and creatives in the industry. When I learned that Abby would be the creative stylist for the Garnet Hill project I did last fall, I instantly followed her to see what she was like. Stalking, sure. But after getting to meet her, I was obsessed with her even more. She’s so cool, laid back, down to earth and so very talented. I absolutely loved working with her. Plus, small world, she’s basically neighbors with my cousin over at The Zhush. Small world, right? Oh and she just got a golden retriever puppy, you’re welcome!


I began following Tatte Bakery YEARS ago. When I learned I’d be heading to Boston the first thing I did was look up the closest Tatte Bakery to our hotel. We visited one rainy afternoon to grab a bite and warm up with some coffee. It’s just as beautiful in person as their feed looks. Plus, extra points for the food being amazing too. Now I wish we had one in Atlanta! This would put Starbucks out of business in a heart beat.

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While perusing places to eat in Miami with the girls a few months back, I stumbled onto this account. She’s an art director and designer so naturally her feed is stunning. It really is incredible how some people have an amazing eye for photography and capture places so beautifully.


Another find from researching before heading to Boston for the first time last year. I always find so many new accounts when I travel and try to discover new places to visit. His photos capture the classic Boston feel of beautiful brick architecture, Boston Ivy and the colorful foliage season after season.

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A fellow Atlanta blogger friend posted this account to her stories one day and I’ve been kind of obsessed with her ever since. Her Stories are also a favorite as she tends to use her real fancy camera for it. Her photos are absolutely stunning and she’s always on some insane adventure. Oh and her hat game is strong, so there ya go.


Last but not least, one of my all time favorite accounts from Paris. This Instagrammer and photographer, is the gal behind the book, Paris in Bloom. I picked up this gorgeous coffee table book in the Shakespeare and Company bookstore on my last trip. With lots of pinks and light and bright photography, her account is sure to add some much needed pretty in your feed. If you’re heading to Paris, her account is great inspiration on where to visit.

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  1. 1.24.18
    Laura Leigh said:

    Need to go follow AnaNewYork and GoldALaMode immediately! Thanks for sharing. Such a fun post!

    xo Laura Leigh

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    Thanks for sharing! I love adding prettiness to my feed – Now I have some new accounts to go follow!
    xo, Emma

    • 1.25.18
      Jessica said:

      Yay I love discovering new folks too

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    cindy said:

    Loved this article !! great way to find awesome instagramers!

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    Paige said:

    I have just stumbled across this blog page and I LOVE it!