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Every so often I like to ask you, the reader, what on earth you want to see on the blog! It’s nice to get some honest feedback. Like more 9-5 outfits (I’m trying!) and travel tips to more makeup. One reader asked, “I want to know what Pork likes!” I thought, well duh, why not! Pork is a huge part of my life. As in, she’s my everything. I can’t imagine my life without her and I DREAD the day that she’s no longer here. She’s starting to get old as she turns 9 this winter. So it’s safe to say, we’ve had many years together and have figured out what she loves, doesn’t like and what makes her happy. Here are 10 things you need to know about Pork! This is also a great list for things to buy for a new dog from great dog food, toys, beds and more!

Best Dog Products According To A Dog Mom

Favorite Bed

My Mom got Pork this bed and it’s so comfortable. So comfortable that you may find a human sitting in it on occasion. It’s true. When we get on the floor with the dogs to play, someone always ends up sitting in her bed. She has one at my house and my parents for her extended sleepovers.

Everyday Food

Pork may have some food sensitivities so she’s been on Blue Buffalo Grain Free Salmon for basically her whole life. I believe in feeding my dog the absolute best, and this is it. I’ve looked into the raw food, or fresh food, and although we’ve tried it and she’s enjoyed it, we never made the switch in full.  This is also partially out of convenience as well. Both of my sister’s dogs are also on the asme food making dog sitting a lot easier on the whole family.

Go To Snacks

If she’s not eating a baby carrot, she’s likely eating a Blue Buffalo treat of some sort. I almost always have these in the house and break them in half for her. And fun fact, Target started selling Blue Buffalo in store. They don’t carry her dog food, but it’s nice to grab treats when I’m there!

Three Favorite Toys

Pork has a few favorite toys that she always seems to gravitate to. She loves her stuffed chicken which has a few dead squeakers in it and she’s long overdue for a new one. When it comes to bones to chew, she does the softer Nylabones. She broke a tooth a few years back and the vet recommended no more hard bones or antlers. He said if it hurts to hit your knee with it, it’s too hard for her tiny teeth. And lastly, she has a squeaky KONG that she’s had her entire life. It’s survived years of playing and is basically indestructible (for her).

Quirky Facts About Pork

Pork Is Leash Reactive

Pork is leash reactive, which means, she’s actually quite scared when she’s on a leash of other dogs. So when you see us walking and there’s a dog that’s approaching she’s likely going to bark and lunge to scare them away. We did tons of training at Canine Ph.D. We did their 8 week reactive dog class which was super beneficial to Pork’s leash skills. She got a lot better with the practice, which was basically conditioning her to enjoy things like treats, while dogs walked past her. We don’t practice often anymore so she’s not as great as she used to be. But so long as we have some space and we pay attention to Mom, we can usually let dogs walk past us at a few feet without going crazy. It’s something she’ll always have to deal with and something I will always feel so guilty for. I hate that she’s like this and wish I could show her that the leash is keeping her safe from cars and other dogs.

She Hates A Dog Park

Basically, this comes back to her leash reactivity. She’s just sort of introverted which was best explained by our trainer at Canine Ph.D. Just like I don’t like going to massive parties on a Saturday, Pork hates a dog park full of dogs to interact with. I’ll never forget the first time I took her to Piedmont Park’s dog park. She literally saw the dog park in the distance, stopped dead in her tracks and turned around. I had to drag her to the park. I should’ve listened to her body language, but at the time I had no idea it was a place she despised.

Yes, She Has Dog Friends!

Although Pork is terrible on a leash and meeting new dogs, it can be done! She’s got two cousins, Nugget and Oliver, who she plays very well with. She’s still the bossy pushy one but that’s also a Terrier thing. And she tolerates Bowie, my best friend.  Pork just prefers to nap and be alone. I can’t blame her! Like mother like daughter, right?

Her Favorite Spot In The House

She seems to be happiest on the back of the couch. My original couch had the perfect ledge for her to lay on and basically was a foot wide space for her to sit at while overlooking the neighborhood. We’re in a high rise, so clearly heights don’t bother her as she stares down dozens of floors while looking out the window. When I got a new couch, I was so sad to see her little nook was gone. The couch was several inches higher than the windowsill that originally lined up perfectly with the old couch. So instead, we doctored it up and added a blanket to the windowsill that helps to keep it all lined up. The things we do for our dogs, right? But once we did the fix, she now spends hours there napping and staring at the minions below her.

How I Got Her & How She Got Her Name

Shocker, Pork was not originally named Pork. And she originally was not my dog! My college boyfriend had a friend, Jay, who bought Pork at a pet store (which I do NOT condone, please ADOPT don’t SHOP!). Jay was going through a rough time with a death in the family and ended up buying Pork. Originally named Lulu, which was a nickname of his mother who had passed. After a few weeks, he realized he wasn’t emotionally ready for another dog and decided to sell Lulu on Craigslist. We were so mad at Jay and couldn’t believe he’d just sell her like that. We all fell in love with sweet Lulu so quickly. Plus, who knew whose hands she’d end up in. Especially since she hadn’t been fixed yet. My boyfriend at the time convinced me we should take her. I wasn’t into it. At all. I was 22 and most definitely didn’t need a dog in a high rise while still trying to find a real job.

Well, we ended up with her but I said we had to give her a new name. After a few weeks as Lulu, Jay’s brother Ryan finally came up with a perfect name. When chatting about what the heck to call Lulu, there was a pause and he just goes “POOOOOOORK”. Done. It was perfection. We didn’t realize at the time how fitting the name would be. Pork snorts like a pig, loves to roll around in mud and she loves to eat. She’s a total PIG.

boston terrier, dog sitting on couch, best things to buy for a new dog - My Style Vita

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