My 5 Favorite Nail Polish Colors

I feel like everyone has their go to nail polish colors. Ones they always gravitate to, the ones that make them feel good. It’s also so interesting that there are some colors that I just hate on my nails. They literally make me feel weird and not myself. For example, I wore this Dolce & Gabanna pink not too long ago and although it’s such a pretty shade of pink, it felt so weird on me.  Then there’s my sister who always wears different nudes and they look great on her. The second I try one, I take it off within 24 hours.

For me, there are 5 colors I grab no matter the season. Come summer, I usually omit the wine color, but I’d say year round, these are the 5 colors you’ll always see on my nails. There’s also a reason they’re all Sally Hansen. It’s hands down my favorite nail polish brand. They have the Salon Manicure edition and then also the Gel Collection. I prefer the Salon Manicure, the formula is thicker, but the gel ones really do stay on for a very very long time. Their top coat, ‘Cleared For Takeoff’ is also one that I swear by. I recommend reapplying a top coat every few days to ensure your manicure stays as long as possible. 

See below for my 5 favorite shades that I swear by.

1. Let’s Snow

An all white nail may be one of my favorite things ever. My one and only complaint is that it tends to get destroyed fastest. Whether it’s dye from your jeans or other garments, it gets ruined quickly. For summer though, it’s probably one of my favorite shades to wear though. There’s nothing better than a fresh white manicure.

2. Red My Lips

I think it’s safe to say that classic red is my signature nail color. Someone recently asked on my Instagram what my red was that I’m always sporting and it made me feel good that there’s one consistent thing in my style. Red nails and a red lip are a safe bet if you ask me. I prefer a true red and this one is perfection. I also use OPI’s Coca Cola Red as a good substitute as well. This is also usually the color you can always find on my toe nails about 75% of the year.

3. In My Suitcase

The perfect grey.  I love a good grey polish and will vary in how dark it goes. This one is a good year round color but I’ve been known to sport a darker version from time to time. It’s dark enough that it doesn’t feel too much like a neutral, but also goes with everything. I also really love OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques. Anther great grey!

4. Pat On The Black

For years I wore Lincoln Park After Dark (or Midnight) from OPI. But once I found the same hue from Sally Hansen, I haven’t turned back. Pat On The Black is my go to fall color. This is the one shade you won’t see me wear in the summer time though. I think it truly is meant for fall, cozy sweaters and blanket scarves. It just works with all those things.

5. Hooked On Onyx

I never thought about doing black until about 2 years ago. I want to say I was at the salon with my girlfriend and I was trying to step outside my comfort zone (probably trying to do something outside of the wine color for fall) and ended up on black. I thought there was no way I’d like it, especially on my toes. But turns out, it’s seriously the BEST. I actually really love it in the summer time and makes me feel a little more edgy. Speaking of, it’s been a while since I’ve rocked all black so this will be next on my list to use when I do my at home manicure.

Photos by Sydney Bruton Photography

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  1. 5.16.17
    Laura Leigh said:

    Let It Snow may be tried this weekend by me! Love that shade.

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. 5.16.17
    tiffany said:

    Hi! Great recommendations! Thanks and good day!


  3. 5.16.17
    Jasmine K said:

    Let it Snow would be my go-to polish color. I love how white looks!

    – Jasmine K