If You Could Live Anywhere In The World, Where Would It Be

If You Could Live Anywhere In The World, Where Would It Be

While thinking of somewhere to possibly spend 2-3 months in this year (let’s see if I actually do it…) it got me thinking quite a bit of my favorite cities. If money were no object, where would you live? Which cities make you excited? Or which ones are you just dying to explore more of? Here are 3 cities I’d 100% live in.

New York City

If I made 4x the amount of money I do right now, I would 100% be living in NYC. Or at least do a couple of years there. This is probably my biggest regret in my life is not spending a year or two here after college. As an adult who now likes my space and living alone, NYC seems daunting and expensive.

If money were no object, I’d choose NYC for a few reasons. I feel most at home in this city than anywhere else in the world. I was born right outside the city and went back often until I was about 10. My parents are through and through New Yorkers and I still consider myself a New Yorker at heart. It’s just in your blood no matter how long or short you lived there. From the people, the hustle and bustle, and the melting pot of cultures, this city makes me so happy.

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I’ve visited this city twice now and loved it, even more the second time around. It feels a bit like Charleston but with a northern spin on it. The food, the culture, the walkability. It’s all the things I love. It’s the city that seems easier than NYC while still being on the east coast. I’d say Chicago is closer to NYC in terms of size (but much cleaner!) however it’s in the mid-west making it a bit far from lots of things.

When I made my lofty goals of 2020, this was the city I envisioned myself living in for 2 months or so. I feel like it’s small enough that it won’t feel overwhelming. Plus, I love how gorgeous it is in the fall with all the colorful fall foliage. I’m also in love with cities that are on the water. This one is surrounded by water and that makes me so insanely happy you have no idea.

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Every time I’ve come home from Paris, I dream about living there for a short while. To practice my french, to explore more of Europe and to just take in the Parisian lifestyle. It’s such a magical city and although that’s so cliche, it’s a saying for a reason. Paris just seems so nicely central to many things as well. You can quickly hop on a train and be in London in under 2 hours. You’re a short flight away to some bucket list destinations too like Amalfi Coast, Greece and the Canary Islands.

The thing about Paris is that it feels like a nice big city to me while also being someplace totally special. Sure Italy is great, but I can’t imagine actually living somewhere that feels SO much like a vacation. Maybe this is because I’m a city girl and have been living the high-rise life for over a decade. But the thought of being off the beaten path doesn’t ever cross my mind. I think that’s another appeal of Paris. It’s a major city, but it’s also a total vacation, right?

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Photo by Hannah Lozano

There are several other cities that sort of cross my mind on occasion. After visiting Austin with some friends a few years ago, I always thought this would be a great city to live in. It’s warm, it’s an active city, lots to do, and who doesn’t love breakfast tacos? I’m also a fan of San Franciso but think the dreary weather would drive me a little nuts. And I’m thinking Chicago would be another good one. I like that it’s sort of like a clean NYC but with that midwest charm.

Where would you live?

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  1. 1.15.20
    Laura Leigh said:

    The first time I visited Chicago I told my mom I feel as though it is a clean NYC! I think you should 100% make the move to Boston for your 2-3 month tour. As you said, it is like a northern Charleston and such a beautiful, beautiful town full of history, parks, and very yummy food!!! It gets my vote!

    For me, it would be Savannah, Chattanooga, or somewhere out west – not sure where but exploring that area of the country this year and I’m sure I will find a spot I want to move haha.

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. 1.15.20
    Christine said:

    Edinburgh Scotland

    1) Prices are fair in comparison to other places in the world
    2) Walkable
    3) Cheap Uber
    4) The Scots take insane pride in their privately owned shops…I could spend all day going in and out of privately owned small shops
    5) Art- The local artists are AMAZING…it’s not all modern stuff, I always want to take home a suitcase of artwork
    6) Dressmakers – My favorite dressmakers are in Scotland
    7) Clean…the Scots are the cleanest people on the planet…I think because of their dark history with the plague…cleanliness meant survival
    8) Crazy Amounts of Things to Do

  3. 1.15.20
    Dana Mannarino said:

    Never ever ever ever leaving New York. I left for 4 years during college and it made me truly realize I can never live anywhere else. I also had no idea you were born here too! I think this is where you should spend your 2-3 months;) Keeping an eye out for you!

    Dana | The Champagne Edit 

    • 1.15.20
      Jessica said:

      Yes please keep me posted if you know of any one looking to sublet or anything!!!

  4. 1.15.20
    Ashlee said:

    Completely agree with you on everything you said about NYC! I always tell Michael I want to live there, but only if I can earn like 10X the amount of money I make now. LOL I also wish I would have opted to live there right out of school, when I wouldn’t have been bothered by cramped living and eating ramen on the daily.

    • 1.15.20
      Jessica said:

      Ugh same! It is such a great city.

  5. 1.15.20
    Karly said:

    If it wasn’t so ridiculously expensive, I used to see myself living in California in/around San Diego. Perfect weather year round? Yes, please. And, it sounds crazy, but I’d move to London tomorrow even though I’ve never been there!


  6. 1.18.20
    Lisa Autumn said:

    I really need to visit NYC!

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com