The Best Board Games To Get Through 6 More Weeks Of Winter

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Anyone else shed a little tear over the weekend when the Groundhog saw its shadow? I was a little devastated to hear that we’d have 6 more weeks of this weather. In the South, our winters are typically super mild, but this past winter hasn’t been the case. I think we’ve seen colder weather and more snow than in the last 10 years combined. So to get through those dark winter days, I’m sharing a few favorite board games to add to your home to keep you busy. I’ve been on a bit of a game kick lately too. I forced all my friends to come over on my birthday to play Telestrations with me (an adult board game we played at Cathy’s bachelorette in Sonoma, so fun!). Then while in Stowe a couple weeks ago, there were games at every nook in Edson Hill. Scrabble, Yahtzee, Jenga, you name it, I played it.¬† I realized how much more fun it is to play a game with friends, phones away and actually getting to spend time together. Now I’m on a hunt for the best board games for adults to keep around.

So to make your winter weekends a little more interesting (and maybe spend a little less money out at the bars) here’s a few of my favorite adult board games to have on hand no matter what kind of mood you’re in. Plus one of my personal goals in 2018 was to have friends over more often for game night, Bachelor viewing parties and just staying in touch more on a personal level. So this is a great way to do it (even if I had to force them but whatever).

The Best Board Games To Have On Hand For Impromptu Game Nights

1. Telestrations After Dark

The game that kicked off my adult obsession with games. We played this at Cathy’s bachelorette party and we DIED LAUGHING you guys. It’s a mix of pictionary and telephone. There’s 8 blank pages in a book and you write down something dirty on the first one (you pick it out of a deck) and then on the next page, you draw it out. Then pass it to your left. That person has to guess what it is and write it down, passes, then draws, then pass, etc. By the end you usually have a pretty hilarious progression of the original word. There’s actual rules to this game with points, we never read them. Just showing everyone the progression gets us rolling on the floor laughing.

$22 Telestrations After Dark

2. Catchphrase

We played this game growing up after family dinners a lot. There’s two teams and a timer, and you want your team to guess the word on the Catchprashe. The timer makes things interesting and you can easily get into heated shouting matches trying to figure out the word. There’s also a new uncensored version if you want to give that one a try too!

$18 Catchphrase

3. Scrabble

I mean, if you like Scrabble, you like Scrabble. If you don’t, you don’t. I realized I’m not smart enough for this game and we kept coming up with 3 or 4 letter words. tT’s still a fun game and one I think everyone should have on hand.


4. Yahtzee

A solo game that can also be played in a group. It’s a classic, that’s great to play over conversation and wine if you ask me. Doesn’t really take much thought, but can be fun to bet on.

$9 Yahtzee

5. Cards Against Humanity

I played this for the first time ever on my birthday once everyone was sick of drawing dirty things for Telestrations. I loved this game. Even though I thought all my answers were hilarious, I rarely got selected. It’s a dirty one and I absolutely loved it. Buying this now to add to my house.

$25 Cards Against Humanity

6. Jenga

This game seems to be having a bit of a comeback. It’s at lots of bars I go to now and they even have life size ones that make it even more interesting.

$10 Jenga

7. Monopoly

Personally, I never understood how to play Monopoly, but again, a classic to keep on hand. Some people love it, some hate it. There’s this new fast version that I’ve linked below that may make it a more tolerable game that won’t last for hours.

$20 Monopoly

8. Celebrity

So this isn’t technically a board game, but hands down one of my favorite games to play with a group. Everyone writes down a celebrity and puts it in a bowl. Then there’s 3 rounds you play. First round, you describe it until they guess it. Second round, you put all the names back in the bowl, and then do a round where you can only give a one word clue. The third and final round, you have to act it out. The fun part is by the third round, you kind of know what’s in the bowl so it makes it fun for people to guess and try to remember what’s left.


9. Accentuate

Test your accents with this fun and interactive game. I haven’t personally played it, but I’ve heard great things about it. May be adding this one to my pile of games for the next game night!

$34 Accentuate Game

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