The Best Baby Shower Gifts To Give

The Best Baby Shower Gifts To Give
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Baby Shower Table Idea
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It’s official. Everyone’s having babies, trying to have babies and talking babies. Baby shower’s are now becoming the new weekend activity it seems. If you’re like me and you procrastinate until last minute to get a baby shower gift, today’s post is for you! I seem to always get to the store to check their registry and see that there’s 2 random cheap things left that I don’t even know what they are, or something insanely expensive out of my price point that I planned on spending. When this happens, I always result to these no fail baby shower gifts to give.

I can’t take full credit for some of the genius ideas. Baby converse? Cathy’s. She said it’s her go to gift and always gives everyone a pair on top of whatever she scoops up from the registry. A gift for the dog? My thoughtful sister always thinks about everyone else in the family. So to shower everyone with love, she’ll pick up a dog toy for the family pup, or another stuffed animal for big sister or big brother to have so no one feels left out. I think it’s a thoughtful and inexpensive touch to add.

Here are a few of my favorite baby shower gifts to give.

Baby Converse

Or Adidas, or Vans. There’s usually one of the three that suits the family’s style and they are simply THE cutest. I like to get them year old ones so they can truly use them.

Baby Converse $30

A B To Jay-Z Book

I saw a friend share this on their Instagram and just thought it was absolutely genius. It’s perfect for the rap loving parents. The book is beautiful and also teaches them the alphabet. There’s a few other fun themes too to choose from too!

Children’s Book $24.99

Safe Skincare Products

Often times you’ll see skincare or bath products on a registry. I like to get Mom and baby on the right foot with safer skincare products for the WHOLE family. Their baby collection is clean and safe for baby and the packaging is so pretty!

Beautycounter Baby Products


Parents can never have enough diapers. Just buy a package to add, they’ll appreciate it! If you’re visiting the new Mom and baby, it’s also a nice gesture to bring over a package of diapers. Parent’s can never have enough!


An Outfit For Later

When there’s nothing left on the registry, choose a great outfit. But my #1 tip for picking up an outfit is to always buy one that’s for DOWN THE ROAD. Newborn pieces are grown out of quickly and usually one of the many things people buy. There’s always a slew of newborn onesies at showers! They’re inexpensive and cute, I get it. But picking up an outfit for when they’re a year old or more will be one less thing Mom has to think about down the road. Just think of which season they’ll be in and pick out something accordingly.

Baby Outfits

A Little Something For Mom & Pup

Whether it’s a trip to the nail salon, or a stuffed squeaky toy for the dog, thinking of the rest of the family at the baby shower is a really thoughtful touch. Plus, the dog is likely soon to be forgotten (WHY does this happen people!?) as soon as baby arrives.

Dog Toys

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