My Favorite Sitcoms To Binge On Repeat

With a long weekend ahead of us, you know there will be lots of Netflix binging. Or Hulu, Amazon Prime, whatever suits you. Apparently Disney+ is a thing and I need it because I LOVE cartoons. Either way, I love TV and I love to rewatch the hell out of the same stuff. Anyone else?

Since I plan on at least one solid day of laying on the couch and doing absolutely nothing, I wanted to share my list of favorite sitcoms to binge. They’re classics, funny, nostalgiac. All of the things that you can easily watch and nap to. Pick up at any point in the series or wherever you dozed off at. It’s why I love them. They’re comforting.

Binge-Worthy Sitcoms

  1. Friends – A classic, and since it’s leaving Netflix in 2020, I’m watching it as much as possible. But hear me out, Phoebe is truly the most underrated character. Watching it back, she’s seriously the funniest!
  2. The Office – Like a warm cozy blanket. I could watch this every day for the rest of my life and not get sick of it. Although come season 8 when Michael Scott leaves, it’s just not the same. I tend to re-start it around that time.
  3. Frasier – I didn’t realize how much of this sitcom I remember from my parents watching it as a kid. I started rewatching it this year and I really didn’t realize how hysterical it is.
  4. Sex & The City – Never not a good choice, right? And I’m team Aiden in case you were wondering.
  5. Everybody Loves Raymond – This family is everything to me. Ray Romano is beyond funny, and the overbearing parents are so relatable to me.
  6. King Of Queens – I’m a die-hard Leah Remini fan. And how can you not love Arthur?

For a few non-sitcom series to watch, I’m currently catching up on The Crown (I do NOT like the new actors, wish they just stuck with the original) and Jack Ryan.

What will you be binging this weekend? PS check back TOMORROW for my ultimate Black Friday sale roundup! You won’t want to miss these deals that are starting early. Don’t miss a thing and sign up for my newsletter below.

Photos by Hannah Lozano

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    Oh I love Friends!

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