Do You Use An Eye Mask When You Sleep?

Do You Use An Eye Mask When You Sleep

I never thought I’d be someone who uses an eye mask. Having something on my face while sleeping sounds awful. But over the last few years, I finally got into using one. And it’s been kind of life-changing. The first time I ever used an eye mask was when I was in NYC for fashion week. I was sharing a room with two friends and one was a true night owl. I was having a hard time falling asleep with the lamp and computer so the girls recommended I try an eye mask. Game. Changer.

Since then I’ve been the proud owner and user of the eye mask. I really only use them though in a few instances. From when I’m traveling or trying to sleep in a tad longer. But when that sucker is on my face, it is lights out and lights out for hours.

When I Use My Eye Mask

For Travel

Whenever I travel, I always bring an eye mask. For a few reasons. Whether I want to get a little shut-eye on the plane or get some sleep in a too bright hotel room, having one handy is key. It’s amazing how having a true blackout moment will help encourage you to sleep. Plus, if the cabin lights go on and off throughout the flight, you can ensure it stays dark so you can sleep. Sometimes it’s the only way I can sleep on a plane.

When getting acclimated to a new time zone, an eye mask really helps too. I find it helps to keep me asleep longer and helps me fight my internal clock much better. It’s also great to help put you to sleep faster. It forces your eyes shut and to keep them shut. No waking up and rolling over to check the time. Instead, you just roll over and go back to sleep.

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At Home

I honestly don’t use this much at home unless there are certain situations. Which usually include getting woken up in the middle of the night to take Pork out and not being able to fall back asleep. The eye mask helps to make me fall asleep and also stay asleep.

I’m also not one to ever sleep in. I have an internal clock that wakes me up at 7:30 on the dot nearly every single day no matter what time I went to bed. But the times I put the eye mask on in the middle of the night, I end up sleeping in. Which is something I’ve NEVER been known to do. There was a good week or two that Pork was in a bad habit of going out at 3am and I put the eye mask on and slept until 10 or even later. It was brutal and I kept forgetting to set my alarm because it is so not like me!

Do you sleep with an eye mask?

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