How I Create My Everyday Beachy Waves On Short Hair

how to create beachy waves on short hair via @mystylevita

Ever since I chopped my hair I’ve loved being able to style it different ways. It just feels so much lighter and better than my long locks. I’ve grown to really love my curling iron and use it almost daily to achieve my everyday beach waves. It’s super simple and really works for any length hair. Even when I had really long hair, I still used this same technique. Sometimes also with my larger barrel curling iron.

My waves or curls are the one thing I get asked about the most so I thought I’d finally show you how I do them. You can also see my updated tutorial with longer hair here. But like I said, this works on any length hair pretty much and gives you that perfectly tousled waves.

The Tools I Use To Create Beachy Waves On Short Hair

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how to create beachy waves on short hair via @mystylevita


Step One

Start With Straight Hair

Start with straight hair. This is actually way more important than you’d think. I blow dry my hair and since I have a bit of a wave to it, I actually take a flat iron to my ends only to make sure they’re stick straight. You’ll see why this is important shortly. But if you can get a good blowout and keep your ends straight, you can skip the flat iron.

Step Two

Start With One Inch Sections & Leave The Ends Out!

Take the 1 inch curling iron (I love my ghd one) and grab about a 1 inch section. Wrap your hair around the curling iron leaving the bottom 1/4 out and then clamp it shut. It is KEY to leave these chunks out and not curl all the way to the bottom of your section. This is what gives it that effortless tousled look with the ends being a little straight.

Step Three

Alternate The Direction & Continue To Curl

Curl the rest of your hair interchanging from away from your face and towards your face. I get lazy with the back section and use the curling iron like you’re supposed to without wrapping. If you do this, just work the curl out immediately after you let go of the iron to loosen it up.

Step Four

Finish With Product

Add in sea salt spray for texture. For extra volume dust in Powder Play. This stuff is LIFE CHANGING. Add in hair spray if needed. There you have my easy everyday waves.

how to create beachy waves on short hair via @mystylevita

Note how I’m leaving the last inch of my straight hair out. This is essential for creating that loose beachy wave.

how to create beachy waves on short hair via @mystylevita
how to create beachy waves on short hair via @mystylevita

how to create beachy waves on short hair, the best product to create volume via @mystylevita
A game changer product for me. There are lots of options out there for volumizing texture sprays and powders, but this one is a personal favorite. Shop more options below.

how to create beachy waves on short hair, the best product to use to create serious volume via @mystylevita

how to create beachy waves on short hair via @mystylevita

A few tips I swear by.

Always curl your front section away from your face.

Embrace product. I recently started going crazy with the product and it makes a huge difference. Powder Play was life-changing for me. My hair is super thick and heavy (and very healthy/shiny) so adding in lots of texture products has become essential for me getting the looks that I want. I also love this dry texture spray.

For day two hair, rock a half top knot with your messy waves, you can see my tutorial here.

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You can also check out my YouTube tutorial on how I get my beachy waves below!

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  1. 10.8.15
    Alyssa said:

    I’m going to have to try that powder play!

    Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

  2. 10.8.15

    That’s a great idea about straightening the ends first! I curl my hair in a similar way, but I think I’ll be adding in this step!


    • 10.8.15
      Jessica said:

      Definitely makes a BIG difference in my opinion. I can always tell when I haven’t taken the extra step.

  3. 10.8.15
    Kim Pincombe Cole said:

    I love this – “Zero fucks given to the bottom half of my head of hair”…
    I’m the same way with my super thick hair!! Who has time for 15-20 extra minutes of curling?!

    • 10.8.15
      Jessica said:

      I don’t understand people who have thin hair who go around once and get their whole head done. I have at least 3 layers.

  4. 10.8.15
    Ally said:

    Great tutorial! I’ve been really wanting to do something new with my hair. Maybe it’s just because fall is here but I need something new!

    Xo Ally

  5. 10.8.15

    Hair’s looking so good!

    Josh | The Kentucky Gent

    • 10.8.15
      Jessica said:


  6. 10.8.15

    Love this! (And damn girl, look at those arms!)

    Xx Taylor

  7. 10.9.15

    Love this look! Great tutorial.

  8. 10.9.15
    Leticia | Thee Limited Edition said:

    LOVE effortless beach waves on the daily! Gonna have to try that Powder Play!

  9. 3.13.16
    TheParisianDesign said:

    Love you article and your haircut !
    I hesitate to buy the Powder Play…
    It’s such expensive on Target. I find less expensive on Amazon. Do you really recommend me to try it?

  10. 3.31.17
    Jodi said:

    What lipstick are you wearing? So beautiful!

  11. 4.9.18
    Carrie said:

    I may have to start driving to Atlanta to get my haircut. I haven’t had a decent cut in many years

    • 4.9.18
      Jessica said:

      I now go to Nichole at Adore Hair Studio she’s amazing!

  12. 5.8.18
    Samal said:

    I like your post and could you post video on how to curl hair, please?

    Thank you

    • 5.13.18
      Jessica said:

      Yes I’m working on creating one of those soon!

    • 11.13.18
      Jessica said:

      The video has now been posted, hope you enjoy!