What To Keep In Your Bar Cart For Spontaneous Evenings With Friends

at home bar cart essentials, what to keep in your bar - My Style Vita at home bar cart essentials, make mine a double, LED sign ideas - My Style Vita Something happened a few years ago, the bar cart blew up and now it’s a staple in everyone’s home. It’s no longer something just bloggers have or that you only see on Pinterest. I’m seeing it in most of my friends’ homes now and I kind of love it. But my question to you is, is yours ready to go if friends drop in and want a drink?  The answer is likely no. And if it is stocked with anything, it’s likely the one thing you enjoy to drink, right? That’s what I thought.

Everyone has unique tastes when it comes to their cocktail of choice. I’m all about the tequila but my friends usually cringe when they see me order it on the rocks. But likewise I feel the same way about their vodka cranberry.  My bar cart has been growing a lot lately as every time I want to create a fun cocktail for the blog, I usually have to go out and buy some new ingredient. But for your standard at home bar essentials it doesn’t need to be a ton of items. Since my friends and I just had one of these spontaneous nights on the couch with drinks, I thought this was a great time to share what you should always keep ready to go for a night in with friends.

Plus whether you have a ton of space or not, you can keep all of these either on a simple tray or in a full on bar cart.  It’s up to you, but either way, I can’t recommend enough having a grown up updated bar selection at your fingertips.



This is I suppose obvious, but not always. I recommend keeping a bottle of each of the basics on hand no matter what. It’s just 6 bottles and you can easily find each of these at or around $20 or less. I’ve also included my favorite brands. The good news is, these don’t ever go bad and it’s a one full swoop investment. Plus, you may already have a few of these already, or ask your friends next time they come over to bring their favorite liquor while you provide dinner. It’s a fair trade if you ask me!

Bourbon or Whiskey – A liquor I’ve been enjoying more than usual, I love Bulleit for a great base to a cocktail. Angels Envy is also a popular one at the moment that’s great for sipping.

Scotch – Johnnie Walker Red or Black. Fun fact my first drink ever at the great ol age of 14 was Johnny Walker Red. My parents caught my friends and I enjoying it when we thought they were gone all afternoon, #regrets.

Vodka – Titos seems to be my friends’ favorite, but Kettle One, Grey Goose and Absolut Elyx are other great options. If you ever forced me to drink vodka, it better be Absolut Elyx.

Tequila – Herradurra and Cazadores are personal favorites for sipping or great mixed drinks. For margaritas, just go for the less expensive brands, el Jimador is a great one. Please I beg of you, throw out the Patron Silver.  It’s terrible tequila, and only expensive because rappers talk about it often.

Gin – Hendricks is a favorite, expensive, but worth it. Since you just need one bottle of this, it’s worth the splurge. A more affordable option is Bombay Sapphire or Beefeater.

Rum – Bacardi is a classic and goes great in just about any mixed cocktail . I personally like a refreshing mojito. If you want a little variety, add a spiced rum to your collection for Dark & Stormy’s.

Wines – I also almost always have a bottle of red, white and some sort of sparkling ready to go.

I also keep a small bottle of sweet Vermouth for Manhattans and Bailey’s, Grand Marnier and Kahlua for night caps on my bar cart. More on those below.

2. Bitters

A popular cocktail, the Manhattan, requires a little bitters (get the recipe here). I’m also a fan of gingerale and bitters for an upset tummy.  They’re inexpensive and an essential for every bar cart. You can always get fancy and get grapefruit bitters (which I LOVE) for unique cocktails. But just be sure you keep the classic Angostura bitters on hand.

3. Night Cap Favorites

I’ve become a little obsessed with sweet night cap cocktails. A nice espresso cocktail or just Bailey’s on the rocks, it’s a favorite way to end a meal with friends. Figure out a cocktail you like to make and keep those essentials in your bar cart. Whipping one up after dinner with friends will be impressive for sure! If you need some after dinner cocktail inspiration you can try my spiked hot chocolate or my chocolate martini.

4. Bar Tools

There’s just a few essentials you need to make sure you not only open bottles properly, but whip up drinks correctly. Wine opener, muddler, jigger, martini shaker, pint glass and stirrer. I like to shake my martinis with a pint glass but you can also just use a pretty shaker like this one.

5. Coasters & Napkins

After you create a cocktail and hand it to your guest you’ll want to make sure they have a napkin or coaster. I like to keep a few coasters in my bar cart even though I have them on my coffee table. The more the better!

6. Proper Glassware

I’m into old school glassware lately. Like vintage style etched rocks glasses and pretty coupe glasses. They’re making a serious comeback now that mixology is becoming more popular than ever. You should always have rocks glasses, wine glasses, champagne flutes as well as martini glasses. If you’re tight on space (which I am), forget the wine glasses and champagne flutes and instead have a set of coupe glasses. Wine can go in a small rocks glass (that’s how the French drink it!), champagne and martinis can be served in a coupe glass. Unless you’re a big wine person, I don’t think it’s entirely necessary to clutter up an already small kitchen with extra glasses.

7. Simple Mixers

So you do want a vodka cranberry? That’s fine. But you still need to have a few other mixers on hand.  I recommend to keep them to a minimum as there’s no need to have a whole juice bar and soda fountain in your house. Instead keep a few essentials readily available and just purchase the mini versions. My fridge is always stocked with a few tonic water and ginger beer mini bottles. Typically I’m a soda water fan on the regular, so that’s always within arms reach. On top of that, I’d add to your kitchen whatever you typically drink. Cranberry, cola etc, but again, the small cans work best and won’t be wasted if you’re just making a couple of drinks.

Photos by Taylor Brodeur


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  1. 3.30.18
    Laura Leigh said:

    This post has taught me that i really need to step up my bar cart game. Thanks for the help lady!

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. 5.1.18
    Brianna said:

    I just moved in with my boyfriend and he has SO much liquor which is so perfect for my bar cart decorating! Before, I just had pretty things but now it’s more practical and I can’t wait to host.

    Good call on coasters, adding them tonight!

    • 5.1.18
      Jessica said:

      Yay so glad you can find a great spot for it all.