A Classic Summertime Cocktail, The Aperol Spritz

A Classic Summertime Cocktail, The Aperol Spritz

The Aperol Spritz is truly a classic cocktail. Aperol is actually turning 100 this year! I feel like it really didn’t come stateside until more recently. We can all thank Heather McMahan for making it so popular (if you aren’t following, stop what you’re doing now and go do it!). The recipe is so simple and easy. I’ve fallen in love with this drink over the years. It’s partly bitter from the Aperol, but refreshing with Prosecco and sparkling water. It’s the ideal pre-dinner beverage. Preferably enjoyed al fresco!

A Classic Summertime Cocktail Recipe
A Classic Summertime Cocktail Recipe
My Style Vita is sharing an Aperol Spritz Recipe
When To Enjoy An Aperol Spritz

When To Enjoy An Aperol Spritz

An Aperol Spritz is best enjoyed in the summertime, outside, and surrounded by friends. Personally, I enjoy them before dinner as an apertif (which is what Aperol is) is best enjoyed before you eat. It gets your taste buds going and stimulate the appetite.

I first had an Aperol Spritz I want to say in Italy or Paris. I truly can’t remember my first, but I do remember always loving them. Every time I head to Europe, it’s the first thing I order. But here’s the thing, you have to make it RIGHT or else it’s not great.

Aperol is a very bitter aperitif that is paired with prosecco and sparkling water. A lot of times, the prosecco is cheap and terrible making the drink also terrible. If you live under a rock, the New York Times claimed the Aperol Spritz is not a good drink. Although I was very upset with this article, I do get where they’re coming from. It’s true, it can be gross if not made correctly. Which is why I’m here to tell you how to make it.

And let’s be honest, if you’re not into bitter, you may hate this drink no matter how great you make it.

How To Make An Aperol Spritz

Jessica Camerata is sharing an Aperol Spritz Recipe
Aperol Spritz Recipe by My Style Vita

The Aperol Spritz recipe is super easy to make. All you need is a wine glass, Aperol, Prosecco and sparkling water. A garnish of an orange, some ice and you’re good to go.

Aperol Spritz Recipe

  • 1 Part Aperol
  • 1 Part Prosecco (I like Lamarca, it’s reasonably priced and available at the grocery store)
  • Splash of sparkling water

Pour these all over ice in a wine glass and top with an orange slice. But fun fact, the TRUE traditional way to make this is with the orange slice IN the drink. I clearly did it wrong here. Please don’t hate me for it. I hate myself for it though. It’s fine.

Now, go enjoy your Aperol Spritz outside, on a patio, with friends. Thank me later!

Aperol Spritz - A summertime cocktail

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