What’s Your Go To Airport Snack?

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2019 is shaping up to be a busy year of travel already. I quickly started knocking out my goals for the year in visiting NEW places. So guilty of going back to the same spots. Although amazing, it’s nice to challenge yourself and get outside your comfort zone to explore new destinations. But something I don’t usually stray from, is my usual go to airport snacks and routine.

I feel like everyone has their routine at the airport. For me, I like to get there not TOO early, but enough time to head to the lounge to grab something to eat and a coffee. With TSA Pre-Check, it makes getting through an already efficient airport at ATL that much faster. So I really don’t need to get to the airport until about 20 minutes before my flight. Yes, it’s that efficient. But you just never know, so I shoot for an hour and a half. Once I get through security I typically head straight to the lounge. The perks of the Amex Platinum Card. If you haven’t gotten one and travel a ton, I can’t recommend it enough. It has paid for itself easily year after year.

I like to grab a coffee and post up with my computer to get some work done before I head out. I try to fill my belly enough before any flight so I’m not indulging in all the pretzels and snack mix. Although the lounge has great options, sometimes I’m not ALWAYS feeling it. Or, I’m flying a different airline and don’t have access!

Airport Snack Ideas by Jessica Camerata

A few favorite airport snacks I like to grab are..

  • Steel Cut Oats – full of filling carbohydrates and fiber, these are a great option. I grab these at Corner Bakery but Starbucks has oatmeal too which is great!
  • Soy Latte – or coconut now that it’s my new go to
  • Starbucks Bacon Gouda Sandwich – it’s simply the best sandwich they have! If it’s lunch or dinner time, I like the pesto chicken, so so good!
  • Gummy Bears – My weakness when it comes to candy. There’s something so satisfying about a gummy candy. This is my go to guilty pleasure when I fly.
  • Junior Mints – I feel like I’m the minority on this one, but Junior Mints are my FAVORITE.
  • Doritos – If there’s a potato chip I’m going to eat, it’s only going to be Doritos. Period. Cool Ranch or Spicy Nacho only, please.

Snacks I Like To Pack With Me…

On top of grabbing a coffee and sometimes a real meal, I always like to have some emergency snacks on me. Here are some favorites as of late.

  • Perfect Bars – These are a new find for me ever since I started TRIM Bootcamp. They’re hands down the BEST tasting protein bar I have ever had. I like the peanut butter chocolate chip. It’s so so good. Shop the bars here.
  • Kind Bars – Can’t ever go wrong with a Kind bar, right?
  • Candied Spiced Pecans – I buy these at Trader Joe’s and they’re the perfect combo of sweet, spicy and salty. Plus, nuts are a great option to fill you up.
  • Nut Thins – I love a good crunchy snack and these come in a variety of flavors to satisfy your sweet, salty or spicy tooth.
  • Dried Fruit – A good sweet option to have, I personally love dried mango!

PS always pack a water bottle to easily fill and stay hydrated throughout your travel day. It’s amazing what a big glass of water can not only do for satiating your hunger (you’re likely thirsty, not hungry!) and also keep you feeling more engergized. Flying is draining, dehydrates your skin and makes you tired. Water is the cure for all three of those so drink up!

PS want more travel tips? Check out my favorite travel bags here and my Atlanta guide here.

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  1. 2.14.19
    Laura Leigh said:

    These snaps are so cute! I am ALL about snacks come travel. Like I want them all haha. Definitely pack lots of protein bars, almond butter packs, and pretzels. Love to pick up tea at Starbucks and sometimes a sweet treat in the airport!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

  2. 2.15.19

    I always pack a Quest bar (most of their flavors suck, admittedly, but I love the white chocolate raspberry and the blueberry muffin flavors). And I try to pack a water bottle, or if I have to buy one I get one with a sport top and refill it throughout my entire trip (including at the airport en route home)


    • 2.15.19
      Jessica said:

      Love it! Definitely try the Perfect bar. It’s hands down the best protein bar I’ve ever had. It’s like a peanut butter cookie!

  3. 2.23.19

    I want to try the Perfect Bars out — they always look appealing, yet somehow I still haven’t tried them! I would say my go-to snacks are Kind Bars, yogurts, bagels, fresh fruit, and chai lattes to wash it all down 🙂

    XO Amanda || http://www.affordablebyamanda.com

    • 2.23.19
      Jessica said:

      Ooh love a good chai latte. I always ask for it dirty which adds a shot of espresso. I love the peanut butter chocolate perfect bars. Hands down the best flavor they have.

  4. 12.21.19
    Emma said:

    I recently discovered the EPIC brand sriracha chicken bars – sooo good! I’m allergic to peanuts so granola bars and most “healthy” airport snacks are out for me.

    xo, Emma

    • 12.21.19
      Jessica said:

      Oh I’ll have to check those out. Love a good protein packed snack