Everyday Dwellings: Plugin Sconces Under $150

Plug-in Sconces Under $150

A new year, means a new series! If you’ve been a My Style Vita reader for a while here, you may remember my Friday Furnishings posts. It was a weekly post I did on all things interiors. It was honestly a lot of work to do weekly and it ended up falling to the wayside a bit. I love interior design and even learning about home trends, so I wanted to bring it back in an easier way for me to create content for YOU. Plus, after doing my reader survey, many of you DID want more decor content. With that being said, the first Friday of EVERY month there will be a new Everyday Dwellings post. Rounding up my favorite decor trend at an affordable price point.

There will still be a decor post here and there but these posts are meant to be dedicated to shopping a specific piece. Or discovering a new trend or brand. I have a few decor posts still to come like how to redecorate without spending a dime, and my personal home inspiration. But you can always count on the first Friday of every month to be dedicated to some of my favorite products or trends in the interior design space.

Plug-In Sconces Under $150

So to kick things off, I am of course sharing my favorite plug-in sconces that are all under $150. Most of the ones featured above in today’s post are even well under $100. Such a great deal and what an easy way to update your home in a pinch. Shop them all below!

1 // Matte Black Double Arm Sconce 2 // Swing Arm Retro Bulb Sconce 3 // Bulb Armed Sconce 4 // World Market Brass Sconce 5 // Rivet Swing Arm Sconce 6// Black Industrial Sconce 7 // Calder Armed Bulb Sconce 8 // 1-Light Plug-In Sconce Swing Arm 9 // Set of TWO for $99 DANXU Brass Lights 10 // Swing Arm Wall Sconce – comes in several finishes

Where To Use Plug-In Sconces

Plug-In Sconces are great for spots that don’t have a hardwire outlet already. They’re great because you can instantly free up some space on tables, dressers, and nightstands by using them instead of a lamp. Here are a few fun ideas on where to use your new plug-in sconces.


Free up valuable space on your nightstand and make it feel clutter-free by adding a plug-in sconces on either side of your bed. Choose ones that have the kind of light you want to emit. Whether it’s a lampshade or more of a task light, there are so many options!

Highlight Some Art

I did this in my living room and loved how it came out. I have a piece of art on an odd wall with no way to hard-wire a light. Having a plugin light was great since there WAS an outlet on the wall. Just be sure to mark where your art would be, then add the light. You’ll want to hang the light first so you can deal with the cord once it’s up to hang your art properly.


If you don’t have an overhead light source for let’s say your dining table or even your bedroom if you want one, you can 100% use a plugin sconce here. Just be sure to get some extra cord that matches and works with the space. You’ll just need a hook or two to string the cord back to a corner where you can plug it in. It’s a really affordable way to add lighting and ideal if you’re a renter!


A great way to add some additional light to a credenza, buffet or even a media stand, is to use plug-in sconces on either side. You can put them on either side of a piece of art, or

As Part Of A Gallery Wall

One of my favorite tips for a gallery wall is to add dimension and texture. Having something other than art is always a great idea. Add a plug-in sconce to any gallery wall that will not only add more interest but also add additional light and highlight a select piece.

Instead Of A Floor Lamp

If you’re cramped on space in your home, a plug-in sconce may be a great alternative to a floor lamp in your living room. This is especially easy to do if your couch and end tables are up against a wall. It’s also ideal for a reading nook too!

Must Have Plug-In Sconce Cord Solutions

When I shared my plug-in sconces on my IG Stories, I got SO many DMs about how I had to hide the cord. You DON’T. They wouldn’t have made them to plug-in with a cord if they didn’t want you to see the cord. It’s definitely not for everyone, and I get that. Visible cords are for sure having a moment right now which is great. Ideal for renters, or homes that lack lighting. If you HATE the cords, I get it. Here are a few products you can use to make your cords look even better!

Command Light Clips

These help to keep your cord going straight down or wherever you need to guide it. Since my gallery wall sconces show a lot of cord, these were great to keeping them straight and flush against the wall.

Shop The Clips →

Cord Covers

This will make your plug-in sconces look polished and put together. They’re a metal cover that goes over the cord to hide it. Either match your metals or have it blend into the wall. I love having the metallics though, I think it’s beautiful!

Shop The Cord Covers →

Puck Lights

If you want to do a plug-in sconce or just a regular scone, but don’t have any sort of light source, a puck light is a GREAT option. It’s basically a remote-controlled mini light that you just pop on top of the socket for the bulb.

Shop The Puck Lights →

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  1. 1.3.20

    Love these picks but more surprised you made a shopping collage!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  2. 1.3.20
    Rachel said:

    I love, love, love your sconces and how you paired them with a gallery wall (plus, that DIY wall is BEAUTIFUL!). I need to figure out how to incorporate some into our apartment – I’m thinking in the bedroom over side tables?

    Have a great weekend!


    • 1.3.20
      Jessica said:

      Yes they’re perfect for a nighstand! I’m thinking of swapping mine out to free up some space and make it feel lighter!

  3. 1.5.20
    Lisa Autumn said:

    Oh they all look gorgeous x

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

  4. 1.5.20
    Karly said:

    SO excited about this new series – your home decor taste is flawless. I’ve been itching to switch out our nightstand lamps to sconces, so I’m definitely going to check out a couple of these. And, thanks for the tips!

    Just sayin’,

  5. 1.30.20

    You have impeccable taste. I’m married to an electrician and we install sconces in all our projects. You picked winners ?