A Halloween Approved Lemonade Spooky Refresher

Charcoal Lemonade Cocktail
Charcoal Lemonade Cocktail recipe
Charcoal Lemonade Cocktail for Halloween parties
how to make Charcoal Lemonade Cocktail
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Charcoal Lemonade Cocktail

You can’t have a spooky and sophisticated halloween party without a great cocktail. A few years back I created this delicious pomegranate cocktail for Halloween complete with dry ice. It’s my favorite trick for making a simple cocktail spooky for the festivities. For this sophisticated Halloween party I wanted to create something that matched all the black decor. Activated charcoal was the way to go!

This charcoal lemonade cocktail is super easy to make! I also love having a go-to cocktail for guests when they walk in. This means they can help themselves and you don’t need to be mixing up drinks all night long. Sure, keep a few bottles of wine around and access to your liquor fi they like. But a pre-made cocktail in a bit batch is a great hostess tip for easy entertaining.

This cocktail is insanely easy as all you need to do is mix lemonade, vodka (or tequila) and 1 activated charcoal pill. You can find this in the indigestion aisle in capsules. A good punch ratio is 2:1. 2 parts lemonade, 1 part vodka. You can also top with a little sparkling water. You can leave the sparkling water out and just add more lemonade if you like. But some people love the bubbles.

A Spooky Charcoal Lemonade Cocktail

What You Need


For any punch recipe, I usually like to do a 2:1 ratio for the beverage. Definitely give it a taste and make sure things aren’t too strong. Also, always account for ice sitting in the punch and diluting the cocktail a tad.

  1. Add lemonade and liquor to a pitcher.
  2. Break 1 activated charcoal capsule and add it to the mix
  3. Stir to combine
  4. Gently drop in a small chunk of dry ice

TIP: Dry ice can burn your skin so be very careful dealing with it. I recommend buying it the day of your event and keeping it in a separate cooler with a lid gently closed. Break up the pieces right before the event or as you need them (the smaller the pieces the faster it dissolves into the air).

See the full Halloween party set up in this post!

Photos by Hannah Lozano

Styling by Jaime Roberts Designs

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    Okay this is genius and I am VERY into it!

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    Love this recipe! Also, where is your dress from?