Your Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

I’ve been sharing my life on the internet now for 9 years. And how is it that I’ve never done a FAQ? Over the years there are definitely a handful of questions I get over and over again. Here’s a list of the most common questions I get. Do any of these surprise you?

Where are you from, you don’t seem Southern at all!

My entire family is from New York, about 30 minutes outside the city. I was born there but moved to Montreal when I was 3. My childhood was Montreal 100%. Speaking French, figure skating, and eating all the poutine. At the age of 10, my family moved to Portland Oregon. I spent my adolescence there until the age of 16. Then in the middle of my sophomore year of high school, moved to the suburbs of Atlanta. Fun, right? Not really. I’ve stayed ever since. I moved to Atlanta to attend Georgia State University and never left.

How tall are you?

I’m 5’5″ and secretly wish I was 3 inches shorter with long legs.

How did you get into blogging?

I have a big post on this here, but I basically hated my day job and wanted to get into fashion and writing. My cousin over at The Zhush said: “start a blog, if I can do it so can you”. So I did! 9 years later and it looks a hell of a lot different than it used to.

How do you curl your hair?

I rotate between three techniques depending on the length of my hair and my patience. Typically I use a 1-inch curling iron to get beachy waves (view the tutorial here). When my hair is SUPER short, I have to use a wand, the 1-inch iron doesn’t do well with it. Here’s my tutorial on using a wand. This tutorial is on my long hair, but the technique is the same. A short version is coming soon! The technique works great for any length, but it’s my go to when it’s at it’s shortest. And lastly, I love doing flat iron waves, super fast and easy. Check out my flat iron wave tutorial here.

Is that your natural hair color?

Yes! And I DREAD the day I have to start coloring it when I begin to go gray. I despise being at the hair salon for more than 40 minutes. I’ve colored my hair a handful of times and I almost always wish I didn’t. A few years back I did do some very subtle balayage with Redken and actually LOVED it. I would 100% do that again once I start to go gray.

Where did Pork get her name?

Her original owner actually named her Lulu. But I got her a few weeks after he realized he couldn’t take care of her. I didn’t particularly like the name and couldn’t come up with anything. Her original owner’s BROTHER randomly said when I asked for some ideas, “POOOOORRRRKKK”. So there you go. It ended up being very fitting. She snorts like a pig, loves to roll in mud and is a good eater!

Are you dating?

Yes but not really. I’ve done the dating apps, hate them (you can read my take on one of them here). I’ve been set up on countless blind dates through the years too. Nothing worth writing home about sadly. And definitely not doing any dating during COVID. Props to those of you who are doing Zoom dates. You couldn’t pay me to do that right now.

How do you make money?

A few ways but mostly through sponsored content where a brand hires me to create content with their brand or product. And also through affiliate commission. If you shop any link on my blog from a retailer, I make a percent of it. You can check out this post on how to shop from bloggers to support them! It means the MOST when people make a small effort to shop our links. It’s at no cost to you and helps to support us.

What’s your skincare routine?

I have good days and bad days. On a good day I do everything you see here. I really love Cosmedix products and have been using them for years. I’ve added in a handful of Beautycounter masks and peels too. On lazy days, I’m lucky if I wash my face at night if at all. But I NEVER go to bed with makeup on. I am 100% that meme of doing my full skincare routine while drunk before bed. It has to be done. Either way, I always wash my face in the shower and then tone, serum and moisturizer with SPF after.

What did you do before blogging?

My first job out of college I was a revenue accountant at Norfolk Southern. I hated it. Cried every day on my way to work. But it ended up being the reason why I started a blog so there’s the silver lining. I then was an account manager and then the Southeast sales rep at Alternative Apparel. I LOVED MY JOB. Worked there for about 4 years before taking the blog full time back in 2015.

Your go to outfit

Usually some variation of jeans and a tee. I can find any way to mix that up to make it work for the day, night, dressy or not. Add a leather jacket and heels for a cocktail. Add a loafer and a blazer for a casual meeting. Swap for an espadrille and a straw hat for summer. See? Endless options.

What else do you want to know?

Photo by Hannah Lozano

Jessica is an Atlanta life and style blogger. Aiming to bring practical tips to your every day life. Tips that you can easily tackle and make your life feel just a tad more 'put-together'.

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  1. 7.8.20
    Laura Leigh said:

    LOVE this! Such a fun post to read. I am with you on the zoom dates during COVID – I am married but could NOT imagine doing an awkward zoom date and just how weird that would be. But definitely major props to those making it happen!

    Also with you – I with I was shorter and had longer legs haha.

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. 7.8.20
    Karly said:

    Always love getting to know more about you! You’re so ridiculously lucky that you have amazing natural hair color!


  3. 7.8.20
    Sage said:

    Hi, I love that you still blog. One question you said you hated your accounting job and cried everyday going to work? Why? Was it the people or the job itself? I’m at a job that makes me anxious every single day, I’m not sure why yet. I started last September and it’s going to be a year soon. Trying to figure it out. Thank you again for your blogs. I love reading blogs.

    • 7.8.20
      Jessica said:

      I’m so sorry to hear that you’re not enjoying your job. I think mine was a combination of hating the job itself, the work environment (super conservative, very old school, they also didn’t like me at all) and also being near the end of a miserable relationship too. I truly believe you can find a job you enjoy and hopefully love. Just have to keep your eyes open for it and seek it out!

  4. 7.9.20
    Kena L Pinedo said:

    I like the yellow top you are wearing? Where is it from?