The 5 Essential Bras Every Woman Should Own

5 essential bras every woman should own, types of bras every woman should have - @mystylevita

Last week I told you all about the importance of a great bra fitting with Chantelle. Did you go out and get one? Why not?! Well, today I’m here to chat about the types of bras that every woman should have.

Once you finally get off your butt and figure out your proper bra size, because trust me you’re wearing the wrong size, you’ll now want to invest in the essentials. Every woman should have an arsenal of options for any and every occasion, type of clothing, or look and feel you’re going for.  Sure you need a strapless, a nude, a black. But there are certain styles, fabrics and designs of bras that you need that you may not have realized. These are the 5 essential bras that you need in your drawer to be prepared for anything.

The 5 Essential Bras Every Woman Should Own

The T-Shirt Bra

These are my go-to bras as I live in t-shirts. They should be comfortable, lined, have a seamless look and be able to work with any neckline. Depending on how much coverage you like, you can go for a demi cup (less coverage and my favorite) or something with a little more coverage. Either way, this will likely be one of your most worn bras so invest in several colors and silhouettes.

4 Part Unlined Seamed Bra

Okay I know I freaked out when I heard “unlined” and also thought WTF is 4 part seamed?! I think we all assume we need things lined but having a 4 part (this is how many pieces are in the cup sewn together) seamed bra means you’re getting the best fit possible. Think of it as a great tailored jacket with several parts that are all perfectly sewn together for a great fit. That’s how this bra is. And it’s the bra you wear under those tailored pieces too for a flawless look. The seams are in all the right places to give you a natural lift and nice curves without any padding. Trust me, once you try this bra, it’ll become your go-to favorite.  I actually wear this bra under heavy sweaters to not add any additional bulk to my chest. 

Racer Back Bra & Or Strapless

If you ever wear anything sleeveless or racer back, you need to invest in a solid bra that doesn’t require you to change the straps every time you go to wear it.  This bra will be your go to in the summer months when you’re wearing racerback maxi dresses and tops. I recommend finding t-shirt bras that have the ability to go to a racer back, but having one that is always ready to go is ideal.

A lot of racerback bras, or strapless bras, allow you to interchange the straps. I highly recommend finding something that suits your needs based on your wardrobe. I also love this strapless bra.

Sexy Lace Bra

Your unlined seamed bra may work as double duty for your sexy bra, but I love this one that’s in my favorite silhouette, the merci demi. This is also another one of my favorite t-shirt bras in the lined version. A sexy lace bra should do one of two things, make you look good but also make you feel good. Sometimes a lacy bra that feels more like sexy lingerie can be uncomfortable, too much going on, or just not something you would wear every day. This lace merci demi not only is sexy, but it fits well and looks great under clothing. I recently wore this under a white tank (see below) because it was pretty enough to show off. Sometimes a black bra under a white tank can be the sexiest thing ever in my opinion.

A Sports Bra

I don’t care what size your boobs are, invest in a quality sports bra that will keep your girls in check! I personally always wear lululemon sports bras. I think they’re just the absolute best quality and hold up for years. They’re supportive, fun and have so many varieties based on activities and cup size. I love the Energy Bra and wear it nearly every workout. It’s hands down my favorite from their bra collection.

There you have it!

There you have it, the 5 styles of bra you better have in your lingerie drawer.  Which ones do you already own and which are you going to grab today (after your bra fitting of course!). Plus, want to win one of your favorite Chantelle bras? More details on their big giveaway right here!

5 essential bras every woman should own via @mystylevita , black lace bra and a white tank

My favorite lace bra. I’ve worn it more than my t-shirt bras lately that’s how much I love it.

5 essential bras every woman should own via @mystylevita

A colorful and supportive sports bra. Wear it racer back or as is.

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