My Favorite Tips To Working From Home

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With my new position at my day job I’ve been spending a lot more time working from home (and also do so on the weekends for the blog) that many people say “oh I’m so jealous you get to work from home”. Yes it’s nice. The idea of getting to sit in your pj’s on your couch and answer emails sounds glorious. And it is. But it’s misleading. It took me a a little while to get into a routine and really feel like I was working and not just sitting around answering emails. There’s definitely a few things that helped me turn my at home work days into truly productive ones that I knew no boss would frown upon.  Here are my top 4 tips on how to get the most out of your day when working from home.

My Tips To Working From Home

Get Up And Get Showered 

There’s nothing more disgusting than sitting on your ass, on your couch, in pjs and it’s 2 o’clock and you realize you smell. Just like you would for your office job, get up and take a damn shower. Something about getting clean and putting on a fresh outfit (this includes a bra, steer clear of putting yoga pants back on or I can guarantee you’ll be 20% less productive).  It sets the tone for the day and makes you feel like you’ve already accomplished something. It definitely sets the tone. So let’s take on the day with clean panties and clean hair (this may be my new mantra).

Stick To A Routine 

Set your hours, set your day, just keep it similar throughout the week. I usually wake up and get straight to work for about an hour (yes in yoga pants) but from there I then make breakfast, take a shower and get dressed. From that point on it’s back to work mode. I like to finish up around 6 or so, but tend to go way past that depending on the day. I’m still learning to cut it off at a certain time, I recommend you learn this. I’m still working on it.

Set The Mood 

Nothing says lazy than watching morning TV on the couch and not working. Sit at your desk, make yourself a cup of coffee, and turn down the TV.  I like to listen to music throughout the day, specifically my Spotify station Odesza (you can thank me later). It’s got a great vibe, no pop songs I’ll want to sing along to and it is not distracting at all. Keep it at a lower volume to keep from disturbing you.  Same goes for the TV. I sometimes like it as a little background noise versus the music, but keeping it toned down is what keeps me from getting sucked into watching it.

I think setting up a work station is the most important part of working from home. Knowing that when you’re at your desk you have to work, you’ll be more inclined to sit there and get work done. If you just work from your kitchen table or couch, you haven’t really defined your space. 

Step Away From The Desk 

Just like at your day job in the cubicle, you’d step away for lunch, or to run an errand on your break. Do so at home too but limit yourself to one non work related errand or meeting.  This can be lunch with a friend, grocery shopping or the gym.  Anything over that will keep you away from your desk for too long and before you know it the day is over. It’s easy to go to lunch then decide you are right next to Target and just need to run in for something. We all know how that story ends….cart full of god knows what and you get home to realize you forgot that one thing you meant to get. See? Day wasted, just head straight home after your outing.  Plus, stepping away from your work for a little helps to refresh yourself and you can come back with more energy to finish the day.

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  1. 6.10.14

    I worked from home for over 2 years and it’s tough to always stay motivated! The key is to keep that routine for sure! Oh, and showering is important too!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  2. 6.10.14
    Te'Rea said:

    This was great! Unfortunately, I don’t work at home, but I plan to do so one day..:)!

  3. 6.10.14
    Sara Miller- Style For The Seasons said:

    These are all great tips! I have been working from home for two months now and I couldn’t agree more with the showering thing. The first few weeks were tough but once I discovered showering in the mornings, my life greatly improved! And you are totally right about yoga pants. The day is always less productive while wearing them.

  4. 6.10.14
    Ashley said:

    This was such perfect timing for me, girl! Thank you for this honest and simple breakdown of keeping your ass in gear from your home!

  5. 6.13.14

    This was a fun/colorful read with great points! I left my job 5 months ago and I certainly stuck with those tips and then some!

    truly great!