The Power Of Setting An Intention

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I had planned to not post at all this week. I’m currently, if you’re reading this in the morning with your cup of coffee which would make me so happy, on an airplane heading to LAX for five days in Malibu. I was invited last minute by lululemon to attend The Immersion. In all honesty, I have no idea how this all happened or why I was so lucky to be asked. Well actually, Lauren was asked, and requested I join, so they then invited me. In the blog world, we sometimes have no clue why or how brands find us and decide to invite us on such amazing experiences. But when lululemon invited me to be a part of The Immersion I instantly said hell yes. But then realized, what the hell am I getting myself into? Five whole days of hardcore yoga practice, personal development classes all in an intimate setting with experts in the industry. What was this going to be like?! Sure I do yoga on occasion, actually I love it. But just don’t go often enough. Maybe this will kick start something.

Before every yoga class teachers remind us to set an intention. Setting an intention is designed to help bring awareness to your practice both on and off the mat. This can be anything from, patience to being more aware of your breath. I tend to always start my yoga with the intention to get out of my head. To be honest, I don’t know if that entirely falls under an actual intention, but it’s my practice, my hour, I can set what I want, right? For me, I try to use yoga as a way for me to focus on what’s going on in class, my breath, my body, my strength and overcoming challenges on the mat. Sometimes I find myself creating lists in my head of things I want to get done that day and I am quickly reminded that I have set an intention for this class and to stop whatever I’m doing to get back to that intention.  If an intention isn’t set, it may be harder to reel yourself back in. Having something to come back to, a reminder, your intention, helps to regain focus swiftly.

So since I’m heading out on five whole days of yoga, I thought it would be great to set an intention for this entire trip. We were notified when we signed on to not worry about taking photos; there’s a photographer to help do that so that we can be present. In addition we were provided with an emergency contact to provide to our emergency contacts at home since we’ll likely not have our phones near by. This had me really thinking that this may be a more meaningful week than just practicing some yoga. With that, my intention for these 5 days is to be present, away from the computer and phone and to let me mind be idle for once instead.

It’s no secret that I’m attached to my phone and computer. I spend hours on both from the moment I wake up (although that is changing and I’m loving it already) until I head to bed. It’s non stop and yes it’s part of the industry I’m in, but it doesn’t have to be this consuming of my time.  For five days this week I intend to be as present as possible without technology. Sure I’ll have to check my email as I have projects I’m working on and will need to check in with my parents and my dog. But at the end of the day, I hope to leave the phone in the room more often than not. This week I hope to break this bad habit of checking my phone any moment I may be getting bored or need a boost of dopamine from seeing likes and comments on a post. I even downloaded (okay redownloaded because I tried this once before) the Moment app. It monitors your screen time and I can’t wait to test myself with it.

The power of setting an intention is that it can snap you back when you find yourself drifting. It’s about being more aware of what you want to accomplish, what you want to be and how you want to feel.  This doesn’t have to apply to just yoga either. Set intentions for that upcoming meeting you have with your boss to be confident and calm. How about setting an intention for that first date with a stranger to be open minded and kind. Set an intention the next time you spend time with friends to be more present and off your phone. Let’s set intentions so that we can hold ourselves accountable to follow through. You may not be perfect with it, but that’s just the thing, at least by setting it you’re already doing better.

And a little backstory on why I chose this photo of the Pacific Ocean. This picture was taken by Matt Kisiday back in September while in Santa Barbara. It’s one of my all time favorite photos for a few reasons. For one, it’s calming just to look at it and the deep blues make me happy. Blue is my favorite color after all. Plus, the water is always a place I love to be near. Always happiest near any sort of water, or on a boat, you name it. But in addition, it’s a reminder of the amazing opportunities I’ve been fortunate to have. Santa Barbara being one of my personal favorite experiences to date. You’re probably thinking, Jessica, it’s just of the ocean. The photo doesn’t even have the beach or sky, literally just water. But this photo for some reason makes me so happy to look at. I have it framed in my home and every time I see it, which is every single day since it’s right next to my TV, it reminds me of all these things and evokes instant happiness.  It’s that feeling I want to feel this week as well as the sort of calmness in the movement of the water.

Will you be setting an intention with me this week? I’d love to know!

PS I’ll see you back here on Monday. I plan on taking the rest of the week off. I may share a few photos on Instagram as this is still work! But I promise to try my best to follow through with this week’s intention.

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    …nothing better than living in the present moment. Enjoy


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