My Thoughts On Getting My Lashes Lifted (And Wait Until You See The Before & After)

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While in Chicago last August, our makeup artist for the day was this cool ass chick named Shannon. She was the coolest you guys. She had the most amazing lashes and after I complimented her she said “oh I get them lifted”. I was like, huh?! I had never heard of this before. Sure, lash extensions I’ve heard of, but lifted? She swore by it and there were no false lashes glued to her real ones. It was 100% all her own lashes just literally, lifted! From that moment on I was on a mission to find a place in Atlanta that offers this service. I actually found no one until my friend Alexandra who owns Coleman Alexander Salon hired and trained someone to do it (thanks girl!)

As soon as the salon was ready to offer this service I was first in line to try it out. In all honesty, I was a little nervous. I’m a little anxious when it comes to eyeballs and wasn’t sure how the process would work. I went in knowing absolutely nothing of what the process would be like and here’s how it went.

The Process

The whole process from start to finish takes about an hour. You get in and lay on a nice comfy bed and shut your eyes. In an hour, it’s all over!

Okay I wish it was that simple but it really wasn’t. Here’s what goes down.

Step 1 – Cleanse lashes and apply under eye sticker to lower lashes to protect them.

Step 2 – Apply the silicone lash shield on your eyelid when your eyes are closed. This is where your lashes will lay during the session.

Step 3 – Your lashes get pulled back onto the lash shield one by one. It takes some time and definitely feels interesting.

Step 4 – Once all your lashes are up there, time to process!

Step 5 – Three different solutions are applied to create your curled lashes.

Perm – this sits for 9-13 minutes depending on your lashes.
Set- this sits for 7 – 11 minutes again depending on your lashes, average time is 9 minutes.
Nourish – this solution is a conditioning oil. Does not need to sit and aids in loosening the lashes off the shield. If a tint is being done that would be applied before the third solution.

Step 6 – If you choose to, you can also get your lashes tinted. I highly recommend this if you do not have naturally black lashes. At this salon, they use an all natural vegetable dye to achieve the look. We did it but to be honest, I didn’t see a big difference. My lashes are pretty much jet black. The owner Alexandra though, has light light blonde lashes and gets this done every 6 weeks. This keeps her from having to always apply mascara, genius! If you’re a slave to mascara, I highly recommend this treatment alone. It’s $20 and makes a huge difference in people with light lashes.

Step 7 – Pull everything off and you’re done!

How Long Does It Last

Lashes grow constantly so your perfectly curled lashes will last around 6 weeks or so. Depending on how fast yours grow, it may last longer or shorter. I found mine lasted just about 6 weeks. At only $100, this is significantly less expensive than getting extensions which take about three times as long to put on and are much higher maintenance. Sure, they look RIDICULOUS but I also think just that, they kind of look ridiculous at times and I’m not fully sold on the extensions. Also, some salons are using mink fur for lashes which I just think is absolutely disgusting, so no animals are harmed with a lift!

What Are The Restrictions

There aren’t really any except for the whole perm and no water part for 24 hours. Which just means, don’t go swimming or wash your face that day. If you’re super paranoid about washing your face every single day, you can still do it just be cautious. But other than that, you treat them just like your real lashes. You can apply mascara without any issues. And wait until you do, it’s like night and day! PS you can read my post on my favorite mascara and how to get bold lashes here.

You will want to ensure your lashes are long enough to get this done. But unless you have stubby short nothing for lashes, you should be fine. Have you ever done this treatment?

To book call Amanda at 931-675-7740

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  1. Laura Leigh wrote:

    OMG the difference is amazing! Not something I would have thought about but now totally want!

    xo Laura Leigh

    Posted 5.1.18 Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Isn’t that insane?!?! I would even say it lasted a little longer than 6 weeks. It was so easy and so much healthier for your lashes than doing extensions.

      Posted 5.1.18 Reply
  2. Courtney wrote:

    Your lashes turned out awesome! The before and after is incredible.

    Posted 5.1.18 Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Can’t recommend this treatment enough. It was amazing!

      Posted 5.1.18 Reply
  3. Emily wrote:

    Those results are CRAZY! I really need to do this, my eyelashes stick straight out.

    xox Emily

    Posted 5.1.18 Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Yes you gotta go see my girls!

      Posted 5.1.18 Reply
  4. Lisa wrote:

    Whoaaaa, what a difference!! Definitely need to look into this, I had never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    Posted 5.1.18 Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      It’s definitely a new beauty trend for sure. Thanks for stopping by!

      Posted 5.1.18 Reply
  5. Sojah Hurt wrote:

    My sister’s co-worker recently graduated with an esthetician license. She works at Deka Lashes and does eyelash extensions, lifts, tints, refills…etc. The company is offering free lash extensions so the new hires can gain more exposure. I booked an appointment. I never had strip lashes or extensions, I only wear mascara, so this is a treat for me!

    Posted 10.10.18 Reply

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