Do You Still Read Magazines?

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A few weeks back I was planning out some content to shoot and found myself buying something I haven’t in years. Magazines! Yes I just kind of needed it as a prop which made it feel even more ridiculous. However, that’s the blog life sometimes.  I used to get easily half a dozen or so magazines every month back in the day. Everything from SHAPE, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, Elle Decor, you name it, I got it. They were insanely cheap, maybe $7 or $10 a year, sometimes just $5. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting down on my couch, flipping through the glossy pages and getting up to speed on what’s new in the fashion and beauty world.

But thanks to my business of blogging, and the volatile print world, magazines took a serious dive south. I stopped reading them partially because I was tired of spending all my money on them to just see a bunch of full page ads. They lost their appeal to me for a while so I stopped renewing.  This was easily five or six years ago too and I definitely didn’t miss the constant recycling of heavy magazines.  But after grabbing them a few weeks ago and actually sitting down and reading a couple, I realized I missed them.

I ended up reading a great article about the founder of Stitch Fix, found new brands I haven’t heard of before, and spent a solid 30 minutes off my phone and engrossed in reading and relaxing. It was a great feeling and one I realized I missed doing. So right then and there I ordered a few subscriptions. Just a couple. Nothing crazy because if you remember in this post, it’s a wasted expense for sure. But at $5 each pretty much for the year, I ended up subscribing to three new magazines that I’ll start to get monthly. I’m pretty excited for the monthly arrival and the quiet time of reading them on my couch with Pork. It’s a great way to unwind and relax which I’ve been finding I need more of in my life. And this is a really great way to do it while also staying current in the trends outside of my blog bubble.

What are (or were) some of your favorite magazines to dive into?

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  1. Crystal wrote:

    OMG, I’m STILL as addicted to magazines as I was 10 years ago. I subscribe to probably 10! I love that you can get a subscription for average $5-12. I think it’s totally worth it. My mom and I subscribe to different ones, save them and then swap with each other!

    Posted 5.22.18 Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      They’re SO cheap and definitely worth it for the inspiration. Thanks for stopping by!

      Posted 5.22.18 Reply
  2. Laura Leigh wrote:

    Like you, I have definitely stopped reading magazines but could use that time off my phone and some relaxation. Might have to pick a few up myself.

    xo Laura Leigh

    Posted 5.23.18 Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      I’m trying to do anything and everything in my power to get off the phone and this is just one thing that’s helping

      Posted 5.23.18 Reply
  3. Lindsay wrote:

    I agree with everything you said – I have also always LOVED magazines (I always wanted to write for one). I also used to subscribe to so many magazines – if you even buy two a year a subscription pays for itself! I have cut down recently though. I probably subscribe to only four now, which is still way more than I can manage to read. I’m trying to do the same thing – use my phone less before bed, and read more, even if it is just a magazine! Also travel + beach days seem the best way to actually sit down and read a few issues. Now I just need to vacation more haha!


    Posted 6.13.18 Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      I always wanted to work for one too! Funny that the blogs have become the new magazines!

      Posted 6.14.18 Reply

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