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Made With Soul In Atlanta, casual weekend outfit - My Style Vita @mystylevitaMade With Soul In Atlanta, casual weekend outfit - My Style Vita @mystylevita Made with soul in Atlanta neon sign Atlanta Isn't Perfect mural, casual weekend outfit - My Style Vita @mystylevitaMade with soul in Atlanta neon signAtlanta Isn't Perfect mural, casual weekend outfit - My Style Vita @mystylevitaconverse, hey there sign - My Style Vita @mystylevita Atlanta Isn't Perfect mural, casual weekend outfit - My Style Vita @mystylevita

I’ve been living in Atlanta for nearly 15 years. I moved here about 2 weeks after my 16th birthday and haven’t left since. It’s weird to me to be honest. My childhood had me moving around a bit, New York, Montreal and Oregon. My sister moved around after college, but I stayed put once I got here. Went to school in Atlanta, got my first job in downtown and then just stayed. I joke that I’m going to die in my one bedroom condo alone with Pork. It’s a bit of a fear of mine. Never leaving.

I always imagined myself to move around as an adult. I love to travel, and well, more so obsessed with it. But something about picking up my life and moving it elsewhere has never happened. Part of it is my affordable rent, plus my parents and family being so close. They help with Pork, I see them a few times a month; it’s nice having family nearby. I always wondered where I’d move to also. For years it was New York City, then San Francisco, and still dream of living in Paris for a few months. Now I honestly don’t know. I like my space and think those cities are something you do when you’re a lot younger and can tolerate roommates and living in a tiny space. But now, I want more space! Hello, this fashion blogger needs a MUCH bigger closet.

So when I found this sign in downtown Atlanta, I realized something. Me, this blog, my adult life, was made in Atlanta.  The sign is also next to the mural of “Atlanta Isn’t Perfect”, which I have to agree with. This city has some things it can change but it’s getting there.

The fact that my entire adult life and business and circle of friends are all made right here is crazy to me. It’s weird, honestly. Rarely when someone asks me where I’m from I answer with just, “Atlanta”. I usually say, I live in Atlanta, but I’m originally from New York and lived in Montreal and Portland Oregon. It’s a long answer, but it feels more accurate. Maybe that’s weird, but it’s what I do. To me I still feel like a New Yorker. With both parents living their entire lives there, I think that has a major influence in who I am regardless of where I physically lived. Where are your from? Do you call it home if you live there?

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  1. Laura Leigh wrote:

    Enjoyed this post Jess and the backstory. I have been in Charlotte for 10 years now and NC for 20 but i still say I’m from PA and have lived in NC since I was 8. So I get your longer answer when you respond to someone.

    xo Laura Leigh

    Posted 2.14.18 Reply
  2. Lauren wrote:

    This was such a fun post to read to learn a bit more about you! I definitely agree that it’s scary to just uproot your life, but it also seems like such a fun adventure! I’ve lived in Chicago for almost two years, but I’ll always say Cleveland is my ‘home’!


    Posted 2.14.18 Reply
  3. molly wrote:

    I too can understand not knowing how to answer this question. i’ve been asked it more times than I can count. having grown up in 2-3 different states and then moving for grad school, internships, and jobs i really never know which home to claim. i normally respond to the question with, ‘well what day is it? that;s how i know which i want to claim!’ haha

    Posted 2.14.18 Reply
  4. Carly wrote:

    I really enjoyed this post! I think a lot of people can relate to the feeling of “belonging” to more than one place, both your hometown and the place you build your adult life. I love more personal posts like this!

    Posted 2.14.18 Reply

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