Try One Of These Four Unique Ideas For Displaying Art

unique ways to display art

Image via Devon Rachel

Every holiday season I move my floor lamp near my TV stand to make room for my Christmas tree that lives in my office during the holidays. But this year something happened. I realized how great it looked in it’s temporary spot. It provided the much needed light my living room needed and just fit the spot. I also moved my little plant creating what was the start of a great vignette. Typically vignettes (which in decor land is defined as a small grouping of objects that tells a story) consist of an odd number of pieces. Well here I had my lamp and a mid century potted plant and it desperately needed one more thing. And it needed something that had a little bit of meaning behind it. Vignettes often have a story to them, so adding just a little something that meant nothing wasn’t an option for me. I started to think about what could go above the plant, but below the lamp shade that made sense. I ended up on a unique way to display art that I think I’m kind of obsessed with and had to share with you.

Image via Crosby Studios

I decided to pop a photo in the empty space between the lamp shade and the low plant. It ended up being super visually appealing and created a perfect vignette. My only problem was that the photo meant nothing. But I at least knew it looked great.  One thing I’ve been wanting to do more lately is print out some of the amazing photos that photographers I’ve worked with have captured. I’m already eyeing a few of Kim Graham’s amazing Charleston ones but can’t decide what to add to my house and where it would go. But for this spot I felt like I needed something dark and moody to balance the grey wall, white lampshade and my white TV stand. I landed on this gorgeous photo that Matt took while we were in Santa Barbara. It’s a stunning photo of the ocean that has such a gorgeous range of shades of blue. My favorite color. I instantly ordered a print of it. This got me thinking that art doesn’t have to abide by the old rule of hanging at eye level. Which is typically at 58 inches. This piece is doing it’s own damn thing and I love it.

There is one picture hanging rule I do think you should abide by and that’s when it comes to gallery walls. There’s a trick to making them look great and you can read about those tips here. From keeping the distance between photos the same to properly planning. But you know what? You can totally hang that gallery wall as low as you want!

image via

While trying to switch up your home, think outside the box and the rules. Lean that favorite piece of art up against a wall like Devon Rachel did or keeping things nice and low like I did with my print. Have a dresser or buffet that needs some art? Lean a few pieces that are varying in height across the back and then place some beautiful styled objects in front of it like above. And you know I’m a big fan of hanging hats on walls, so that always is a good idea in my book.


On The Floor

Just lean that bad boy up against the wall and call it a day. If it needs something to keep it from sliding, stack some books in front of it and top the books with something sculptural to add some dimension to all the square things.

Another thing is to layer them. Place a large frame at the back and then lean a smaller one up against it for some added dimension.

Resting On A Piece Of Furniture

Forget the floor and bring those pieces up atop your favorite pieces of furniture. From media stands, to benches and foyer tables, line them up against the wall on top of your larger furniture pieces.

Hang It Low

If leaning frames is just too unconventional for you and you really want to put a hole in that wall, go for a low hanging piece of art to complete a vignette. This works great for filling up dead space under lamps or above benches.

Go Vertical

Since you’re hanging something low, why not add a few more on top of it. A vertical display of art is a nice way to fill up unique walls in your home. It’s also more cost effective than adding one large piece.

Don’t Forget! In the end, it’s just all about balance. That’s all decorating ever comes down to so have fun with it.  And always make sure there are pieces weaved in that have a meaning or story to tell. That will not only make it feel more like home, but you’re less likely to get sick of it.

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  1. Laura Leigh wrote:

    I’m a big fan of the vertical styling. We did this in our family/dining room space and i love the look!

    xo Laura Leigh

    Posted 1.12.18 Reply

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