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We are in full swing for Christmas friends! It’s a little crazy to me that it’s in less than three weeks. I already know what I’m getting Pork for Christmas. I think she’ll approve. Christmas in our family still consists of a few gifts. But the stockings are 100% stocked with things for the dogs in the family. Again, Pork approves of that too.

I think it’s always more interesting to read a blogger’s actual christmas list than what sort of gift guide they come up with for XYZ. You feel me? Even down to the lame stuff like a few things on my list. Since my Mom has asked me to send her a few ideas, I thought I’d share those here today. The things that usually end up on my list are things I just would never buy on my own. Like last year it was a new set of suitcases for traveling. Or kitchen appliances since Mom’s the expert on that, like blenders and toasters. So today I’m sharing a few things I’m hoping “Santa” brings me this year.

1. Bluetooth Headphones

The one thing I feel like I haven’t invested in with all the travel I do, are great headphones. I’m addicted to listening to music, so I have earbuds in from the second I leave my car to the moment I walk into a hotel. I wear them literally from door to door. The little ear buds hurt my ears after a while so I’d love some big fancy ones that are more comfortable for longer travel days.

$130 Headphones

2. Nest Thermostat

If this doesn’t end up under the tree, I’ll for sure be buying it myself. My current thermostat is on it’s last leg. The digital screen is totally screwed up and I’m convinced it forgot that it’s scheduled for certain temperatures at certain times. A few friends have the NEST and love it. I’ve also used them in several Airbnb’s and they’re so user friendly and sleek!

$249 Nest

3. New Slippers

I think 10 years of wearing the same pair of slippers is good reason for needing some new ones right? My Ugg slippers I currently wear have officially seen better days. I will say, they lasted a long time and still look great! But the insole is starting to show some serious wear. I’m loving these fun Ugg ones as an update.

$85 Ugg Slippers

4. Apple AirPods

I know I complained about my earbuds in gift one, but hear me out. I still plan to use my earbuds no matter what. I’ve heard incredible things about the AirPods, like how you can do burpees galore and they stay put. Plus, not having stupid chords to deal with sounds kind of nice. Oh and getting to charge my phone while listening to music? What a concept!

$175 Apple AirPods

5. New Stuff For Pork

When coming up with last week’s Pork approved Christmas gifts, I realized all of Pork’s stuff is actually ugly. Her leash is boring, her bowls are just white ramekins because I got lazy and her dog bed is ugly brown. For someone who is so into home decor, it’s kind of ironic what I ended up buying for Pork. Now don’t get me wrong, her bed is COMFY and I wish it came in a better color. But I’ve tried many a beds and can’t seem to find one with as much cushion as her brown one. So I wouldn’t mind getting her some new things like colorful bowls, a fun dog bowl mat and maybe an updated leash and collar.

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6. A New Throw

Pork has basically claimed the couch and every pillow and blanket on said couch. We have a hard time sharing the blanket so I think it may be time to invest in a new one (for me to use!). This Anthropologie one is under $100 and super cozy. Something tells me though that she’ll claim the new one and I’ll be stuck with the old raggedy one.

$98 Anthropologie Throw

7. LAFCO Winter Balsam Candle

My friend Kristin in Charleston had this candle burning in her home while we visited her last weekend. I was obsessed with the smell and how much it infused the room with the scent. I know winter balsam is more of a holiday scent, but I think this is something I’d want to light year round. I currently have the pumpkin one and it smells heavenly!

$42 LAFCO Candle

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  1. You need the nest! My parents have them in their houses and its life changing (dranatic!) they hust came out with a new best & its white, you might like it!

    And yes on the balsam candle… sMells so good!

    Posted 12.5.17 Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      I saw the white one but it’s missing like one feature. Why didn’t they just make it the same?! So silly!

      Posted 12.5.17 Reply
  2. Great picks girl! Some practical, and some just because.. I love that when buying gifts!

    Xx Taylor

    Posted 12.7.17 Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Agreed! Thanks for stopping by

      Posted 12.11.17 Reply

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