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gifts for the dog lover, boston terrier - My Style Vita @mystylevitagifts for the dog lover, boston terrier - My Style Vita @mystylevita

It’s no secret I LOVE my dog, Pork. She also makes frequent appearances on my Instastories looking comfy AF no matter what she’s doing. It’s truly a gift. Since both my sister and I don’t have kids, our dogs have been the focus of holidays it seems. My parents spoil them rotten. So when thinking of great gifts for the dog lover in your life, I had to share my personal favorites. From Pork’s favorite things, to fun items I wouldn’t mind having in and around my home to show my love for my dog.

Recently I decided to become a volunteer at the Atlanta Humane Society. It’s a cause that’s really important to me and I’ve never felt more compelled to do something in my life than to start volunteering there. I tried to do it years ago but don’t think I was emotionally prepared for what it would take. It was easily 10 years ago so I feel like I’ve grown and learned how hard it is to take care of an animal, and how expensive it is, so just adopting one left and right isn’t going to happen.

If you’re looking for a great cause to stand behind this holiday, I can’t recommend the Atlanta Humane Society enough. You can help support their efforts by donating with a monetary donation, buying items off their Amazon wish list or volunteering! If you live in the area and are a volunteer, I’d love to connect. Another charity I love to support for animals is Best Friends Society and Susies Senior Dogs.


1. Penny The Pig Rope Toy

Pork has a GIANT lobster toy that’s one of her favorites. It’s designed the same way as this cute pig and since Pork is technically a “pig” in a sense, I can’t think of a better toy to get her. Waiting on Martha Home has tons of great rope toys in all different species.

$15 Piggy Rope Toy

2. Nylabone Chew Toy

These are Pork’s favorite chew toys. We used to do the hard as a rock ones, but after a broken tooth, the vet said no more hard chew toys. His tip, if it hurts to hit your knee with it, it’s too hard for your dogs teeth. We like these rubbery ones as they last a long time and are fairly inexpensive.

$9 Nyladbones

3. The Dogist Coffee Table Book

I follow The Dogist on Instagram and it’s one of my all time favorite accounts. Their coffee table book is full of gorgeous images and dogs

$15 The Dogist Book

4. Blue Leaf Ceramic Dog Bowls

Pork seems to have everything but cute dog bowls. I actually just use ceramic ramekins which is just about the lamest thing you can do.  These blue leaf bowls are super pretty and come in a few other prints. I’m really loving these too.

$30 Dog Bowls

5. Marble Mist Leash & Bandana

Another really lame thing that Pork owns? A hot pink leash. It’s so not her or me, and I feel like I’ve had a hard time finding a leash I really love. The print on this one is pretty and you can also get a matching bandana too.

$30 Marble Mist Leash

5. Dog Teepee

If I had a bigger house you bet Pork would have one of these already. I think they’re just adorable and are so perfectly boho. Pork prefers to burrow so I always imagine she’d enjoy one of these.

$90 Printed Teepee

6. Doggy Cutting Board

For the truly obsessed dog owner, this cute cutting board comes in a few “breeds”. It’s such a pretty board with a mix of marble and wood.

$88 Dog Cutting Board

7. Deny Designs Dog Beds

Pork LOVES her big cozy bed but I have to be honest, it’s not cute. It’s pretty basic, but it’s insanely comfortable. So comfy that you may find one of us sitting in it with Pork around the holidays to hang with her. Yup, it’s that comfy. I personally am loving the marbled one here.

$129 Dog Bed

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  1. Rachel wrote:

    Such a cute photos and post!


    Posted 12.1.17 Reply
  2. Great puppy gifts…my Yorkie needs it all!!! 🙂

    Posted 12.6.17 Reply

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