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Sunglasses for bloggers are what we like to call our security blanket. I never had so many in my collection until I was a blogger. We like to easily hide behind them in outfit photos for a few reasons. Mine? I’m usually too lazy to put on all the makeup, so a red lip and a good pair of big sunglasses will fix just about anything if you ask me. Some people say photos pin better when people don’t see your eyes, either way, I’m sunglass obsessed these days. So I thought since summer is in full swing and this is usually when my purse and car are filled to the brim with sunglass options, that I’d share my favorites as of late.

Some have survived year over year like these Ray-Bans. Well, to be honest, I lost them during a shoot once and had to rebuy them. This was their last known existence. Also lost the bright blue version at a festival in Atlanta once. I blame the immense amount of booze we drank that day and the fact that I should’ve taken them off my head and back on my face before going into a porta potty…..May they rest in peace…

I also think all collections of sunglasses should include a few essentials. A good Ray-Ban is a classic that is always in style. Shoot for a tortoise or all black option as those will last season over season. Second, I like having an all black pair and a tortoise pair that I love in my collection to cover your color options.  Lastly, I like to always have a pair of very inexpensive sunglasses. These are what I usually grab when heading to the water or a festival (lesson learned) so that you won’t be pissed if you lose them.  So here’s my favorites and ones I’m loving at the moment that may make their way into my ever growing collection.

1. Ray-Ban Standard Original 58mm Aviators

My favorite style of sunglasses are hands down the classic aviators. I (used to) have three pair and now dwindled down to two. All black which are kind of my favorite, plus my pink reflective ones. I feel like even though its a classic, getting them in a fun color is just so much more fun.

$150 Ray-Ban Standard Aviators

2. Ray Ban Icons 50mm Round Sunglasses

Made famous by John Lennon, these round sunglasses are a fun spin on the aviators. If you’re not huge into aviators I definitely recommend giving these a try.  I’ve tried them for myself but I just can’t tell if I’m cool enough for them. I have a friend who rocks the shit out of them though and she looks like a total badass.

$150 Ray-Ban Icon Sunglasses

3. Karen Walker Harvest Sunglasses

Hands down the sunglasses I probably wear the most and get the most compliments on. These are the most expensive on the list but to be honest, Karen Walker is totally worth it. They’ve held up really well, are super comfortable, and again, get so many compliments. Also, Karen Walker just does a good tortoise color period.

$250 Karen Walker Harvest Sunglasses

4. Karen Walker Super Duper Strength Sunglasses

Okay, these are also super expensive. Again, Karen Walker just does a good pair of sunglasses. I got these before my tortoise ones above and although I like them, I definitely don’t wear them as often. I wish I bought these in the tortoise because it just looks better against my skin. I steal Cathy’s often when we travel and I should really just bite the bullet and grab them for myself.

$250 Karen Walker Super Duper Sunglasses

5. Quay Australia After Hours Sunglasses

The newest addition to my collection, these Quay all black matte sunnies have been worn on repeat lately. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know what I mean. At only $55, these are a great price point for a pair of quality sunglasses. They also come in this fun blush color.

$55 Quay Sunglasses

6. Ray-Ban Classic Clubmaster

A super fun style that I somehow have not yet added to my collection. I love these on everyone, but maybe not so much on me. This frame is great for those with a smaller face and that may be why I haven’t grabbed them yet.

$150 Ray-Ban Classic Clubmaster Sunglasses

7. Madewell Indio Sunglasses

These Madewell sunnies that you’ve seen me in a bunch are currently sold out and no longer available unfortunately. But these Indio ones are just as cute and come in three great colors. I’m kind of loving this pink for a fun update to all my tortoise and black shades. At only $55, Madewell has a great selection of affordable shades. PS they’re currently on sale!

$55 Madewell Indio Sunglasses

8. LOFT Glam Cateye Sunglasses

When I need a really inexpensive pair of sunglasses for festivals or to hang out on a boat (god I wish that happened more in my life though) I usually grab my LOFT sunnies. They’re under $25 and usually half off too since they are always having a sale. They’ve got some really fun options that are just as fashion forward as the most expensive ones on this list. This way you won’t feel so guilty if you have too many cocktails and lose your shades like yours truly.

$24.50 LOFT Glam Cateye Sunglasses


Featured image by Viva Lux Photography 

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  1. Laura Leigh wrote:

    That Karen Walker pair is my favorite too! I am always reaching for them. I also go to Loft when I need a cute inexpensive pair. They always have great options!

    xo Laura Leigh

    Posted 7.25.17 Reply

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