LC Lauren Conrad Top Old Navy Jacket | DL 1961 Jeans | Converse | Elk Head Clothing ‘A’ Ball Cap 

LC Lauren Conrad Top | Old Navy Jacket | DL 1961 Jeans | Converse | Elk Head Clothing ‘A’ Ball Cap

I know this look screams spring, but here’s the thing, Atlanta weather feels like it! Our winter’s are strange. Some days it’s 68 degrees and sunny, the next we’re expecting one inch of paralyzing snowfall. So when it’s warm out I can’t help but break out the light layers. This LC Lauren Conrad top is a closet favorite and when layered up with chambray and khaki, it makes for a perfect layered look.

This is also the first time ever you all have seen me in a baseball hat. I’m not a big baseball hat person, although I do love a good hat! But my friend over at Elk Head Clothing debuted these hats over the holidays and I had to have one to share with you guys. I mean, it’s adorable. And it’s turned me into a baseball hat person. Since I did become a die hard Cubs fan this past season (kidding, but really who wasn’t a fan?) I’m kind of eager for baseball, hot dogs and popcorn.

But truth be told, with the Braves stadium moving OTP, I don’t know if that’ll be happening at all ever again. For those of you who don’t live in ATL and that previous sentence is gibberish to you; the Braves have moved to the suburbs and it’s going to be a shit show. So instead, I’m fine with sitting at my favorite local sports bar, drinking beer, cheering them on that way. I mean it is the best way, right?

And speaking of Atlanta, couldn’t be more excited that our Falcons are heading to the SuperBowl! Was hoping for a Steelers and Falcons match but still excited to see Atlanta’s own in the big game for once!


Photos by JNelly

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    omg I want this hat and this look ASAP! You know how I feel about a good sporty, casual situation.


    Laura leigh

    LOVE this hat and kinda want it in my closet stat! You look adorable.

    xo Laura Leigh


    I love the chambray shirt.


    Loving this cute and casual look! Those jeans have the perfect amount of rip, and I can’t wait for warmer weather to head to all those fun sporting events! Spring can’t come soon enough!


    Candy Rachelle

    I always call weather/temps in the South schizophrenic! I live in baseball caps and need this one!!!


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