Cupid’s Rice Krispie Treats

Valentine's Day Rice Krispie Treat DIY - @mystylevita

We all know that Valentine’s Day is my least favorite holiday (it’s a close tie between Halloween and NYE), but after making these cute little chocolate dipped, heart shaped Rice Krispie treats, I kind of don’t hate it as much. I mean, how could one hate a holiday where this is the preferred dessert? Rice Krispie treats are always one of my favorites but I rarely ever make them. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve made them as an adult. I always get excited though when I see them at a party or potluck and end up devouring them and ignoring anything else going on at the party. I should definitely start to make these more often because they are super easy, delicious and fun to transform easily with cookie cutters and some colored sprinkles. 

To take them from classic treats, to over the top cute Valentine’s Day Rice Krispie treats, I just did a few additional steps to go from square to absolutely adorable. A heart shaped cookie cutter is all you need plus toothpicks and a little printed paper for the arrows. If you like your treats extra sweet, dip a corner (or the whole thing) in some white chocolate and top with sprinkles for an extra special festive touch. Here’s how I did it!
Valentine's Day Rice Krispie Treat DIY - @mystylevita Valentine's Day Rice Krispie Treat DIY - @mystylevita Valentine's Day Rice Krispie Treat DIY - @mystylevita Valentine's Day Rice Krispie Treat DIY - @mystylevita Valentine's Day Rice Krispie Treat DIY - @mystylevita

Target Red & Pink Bowls | Gold Scissors | Scotch Adhesive

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    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    Look at you with your fun little DIY!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl


    These look amazing! I cannot wait to try these this weekend!

    Happy Tuesday //


    I love the arrows you made! Such a cute and festive idea


    Sarah Blodgett

    I’m a big rice krispie treats fan and these are adorable!!!

    Laura Leigh

    Such a cute little DIY project! I’m definitely pinning these

    xo Laura Leigh


    This are just perfect for Valentine’s Day, so cute!

    Xo Ally

    Merritt Beck

    Such a cute Valentine’s DIY!

    The Style Scribe


    I love a good rice krispie treat. So simple and yet SO tasty. These would be great to make for the office since Valentine’s day is in the middle of the week this year!

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