10 Things I’m Going To Miss About Summer

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My face anytime I get to eat something. Let’s be honest. So excited to eat this King of Pops!

best things to do in Atlanta Summer - My Style Vita @mystylevita best things to do in Atlanta Summer - My Style Vita @mystylevitaIt’s really starting to feel like summer is about to come to an end. This weekend I’m heading to Miami with some of the #BloggersDoTravel gals and it feels like a real send off of sorts. When we get back it’ll almost be September. Plus, it’s my last chance to get a good solid tan before we head into fall. This had me reminiscing over the weekend when Janelle and I stumbled onto a King of Pops stand while shooting. I couldn’t say no! I had to have one. So it had me thinking about all my favorite things about summer. Here’s the 10 things I’m going to miss about summer.

  1. King of Pops – These are all over the city all year round but there’s just something about grabbing one in the summer time heat. They’re refreshing and delicious. I even did a post about them last summer here because they’re that good.
  2. Daylight Until 9:30pm – Fun fact about Atlanta, we’re really supposed to be on Central time. Yup you read that right! We’re so far over that geographically we’re in the central time zone. But since ATL is such a major airport, they decided many years ago to keep it on EST. This means LONG days of lots of daylight. It’s kind of amazing.
  3. Short Shorts – I’m just a happy person throwing on jean shorts and a tee. Although today’s little denim skirt is giving my shorts a run for their money.
  4. Pool Days – I recently inflated my donut float and for a good week spent a solid hour every day at the pool just floating. It was my “lunch break” if you will and one major perk of working for yourself and at home.
  5. Bike Rides – Okay okay, this is a recent discovery of mine as I went out on a bike a few weekends ago. It was hands down one of the best days ever in Atlanta. Atlanta is a city I don’t really appreciate living in since I’m in a not so walkable neighborhood. But a bike ride down by Ponce City Market, Piedmont Park and the beltline? Basically heaven. I’m already trying to find one to buy (because the sad one on my patio isn’t cute enough). 
  6. Amazing Fruit – There’s just something about watermelon, peaches and honeydew in the summertime that just never is as good any other time of year. PS I love to put my favorite fruit in cocktails like this one and this one.
  7.  BBQs – Living in a city we don’t get to enjoy these as often as I’d like. But when I head down to my parents occasionally for dinner, they’ll whip up a solid BBQ that’s just so easy and delicious. I can’t wait for the day that I have a backyard and can grill my little heart out.
  8. Rocking A Tan – I just feel happier and healthier with a tan. I dread the day I can’t see my tan lines anymore
  9. Patio Life – We thankfully get a long season of this in Atlanta, but there is nothing better than hanging out on a patio with friends with good food and drinks. 
  10. Late Night Ice Cream Dates – Something about asking a friend at 9pm on a Tuesday to get ice cream in November never seems to actually work in your favor. But ask a friend this on a 90 degree day in August and I can almost guarantee you they’ll say yes. I like to hit up Jeni’s Ice Cream if I can, but to be honest, good ol Baskin Robins hits the spot too. I’m a coffee ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough or mint chip kinda gal. And if it’s Baskin Robins, it’s cookies and cream all the freaking way.

I can tell you the one thing I most definitely won’t miss about summer, the sweat. If you’ve been following along on Instagram stories you know that I’ve had one serious battle with breakouts. Thanks to how sweaty this summer has been this year, my chest and face have been a mess. The chest situation was a first in my lifetime too. Just a 20 minute walk with Pork at 2pm will pretty much require a shower. It’s terrible. I’m not alone either, I’ve thankfully received several DMs that everyone else in the south is pretty much dying. The good news is I figured out a great way to get rid of my breakouts fast with two products. I’ve been using this toner and this retinol every night. Gone in a few days you guys. You’re welcome.

Photos by JNelly


Lilla P Skirt c/o • Madewell Whisper Cotton TeeMarc Fisher WedgesMadewell Transport Tote

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    Lauren Price

    Can we just hang on to summer a little longer (minus the gross ATL humidity)????

    Lauren Elyce

    Laura Leigh

    I am with you on every single thing you listed here! I really don’t want summer to leave. I’m not ready for Fall!

    xo Laura Leigh

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