Making The Most Of Every Moment In Marks & Spencer

An Afternoon Of Work Must Be Accompanied By Some Time With Friends

Marks & Spencer Red Dress c/o • Marks & Spencer Pink Suede Mules c/o

Marks & Spencer Red Dress c/o • Marks & Spencer Pink Suede Mules c/o

When Marks & Spencer asked me to create a post around what matters most and making the most of it, I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about.  I work from home and for myself, so it can be hard to make meaningful connections like it used to be at a 9-5. However, with the fact that I work with photographers regularly, it’s important for me to make meaningful friendships with them as they’re people I work with and admire. I also like to maximize my time (and theirs too as we’re all solopreneurs here) so grabbing a quick lunch after a shoot is a great way to touch base with the people I work with.  It’s nice to build those friendships over chips and salsa and my favorite tacos at Pure Taqueria.

The same goes for making the most out of your closet though. I like to make sure I’m buying things I’ll love and wear for a while. Take this little red dress which is great with these pink mules. I’ve been wearing these fun shoes quite a bit lately too (coming soon to the blog). But  his piece will also will be perfect with a bootie and leather jacket in the fall. So meaningful clothing that fits well and is comfortable is always important to me too. Why waste time on pieces that won’t last long. Same goes for friends (seriously) turning 30 had me focusing on what mattered most and that’s good friends, good conversations and fun moments together. Insert little red dress and you’ve got the perfect afternoon of catching up over good food!

Also, I learned about Marks & Spencer while in Paris a few months ago. I stopped into their store while on the hunt for some clothing while I waited for my suitcase. I remember instantly texting Lauren telling her she had to check out this store. So much fun and trendy pieces at great prices. I also grabbed this fun blouse and this swimsuit that I can’t wait to bring with me to Miami in August.

This post was written in collaboration with Marks & Spencer and Shopping Links. All opinions and views are my own.

Photos by Sydney Bruton Photography

19 Comments | July 24, 2017

19 thoughts on “Making The Most Of Every Moment In Marks & Spencer

  1. Laura Leigh

    Love this dress on you Jess! Those shoes look great with it too. Definitely agree it’s harder to make connection without a 9-5. Like you, I am close with my photographer but need to start making lunch dates with her following for sure. Thanks for the idea!

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. Gentry Adams

    Love your commitment to making the most of every moment! I still work a 9-5, but I’ve been focusing on building meaningful connections in my “blog life” and it has made it so much more enjoyable and FUN! Also, I love this gorgeous shade of red on you!

  3. Stephanie

    I’m seriously loving this dress on you and the concept of this post. It’s so necessary to have those meaningful relationships, even if they’re few and far between!


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