Happy Weekend & A Survey

After being in San Francisco for a couple of days and meeting with a few friends, bloggers and brands, I’ve begun to do some reflecting on My Style Vita. I started this blog 6 years ago believe it or not, just to write. I beg of you, don’t read anything from 6 years ago….Before I knew it I turned this space into a fashion blog featuring affordable and casual style along with some other content that I loved like, cocktails, decor and beauty. As I turned 30 earlier this year, and thought about what I want My Style Vita to become, I’m definitely in a big reflective and brainstorm stage. 

I want My Style Vita to be a place that’s full of style for all aspects of your life (that was the goal behind the name) that’s also affordable and casual (which is exactly how I live my everyday life). But I want to know from you, the reader, who comes here occasionally (or often) and what would you like to see more or less of. Who are you and what makes you excited to be on this site. What can I do to make sure you read more and learn more about adding style to your life and so on. If you can, I’d love if you took this quick survey below so I can help create a better space for you to visit daily.

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