The Best Shows To Binge Watch This Weekend

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I did a post last year about my favorite shows and documentaries that I had been binging. It was so fun to see what other people were watching so I could find new things to waste my time on.  There’s nothing I love more than sitting on my couch with Pork and binging on a great series. I also find it to be the best way to pass the time on an airplane. So since there’s so many new things I’ve been watching and obsessing over, I thought I’d share an updated list of what I’m currently binging. This list is also inclusive of On Demand shows, so not just Netflix. 

Favorite Shows & Specials

  1. Chelsea – I’m a big Chelsea Handler fan and her new Netflix nightly show is kind of amazing. She’s taken a serious interest in politics and although her and I don’t always agree, it’s actually really interesting to see her many guests who are experts in politics and regulation. I feel like I’ve learned a lot lately thanks to her.
  2. The Keepers – I love a good murder mystery and this one includes an unsolved murder of a nun in the catholic church. The conspiracies associated with it are mind blowing. Another good one to watch is Spotlight!
  3. Scientology and the Aftermath – Leah Remini is the host of this revealing docuseries sharing heartbreaking stories of the Church of Scientology. This world is so fascinating to me and I could watch documentaries on it for days. 
  4. Flaked – The second season finally aired and I just really love this weird storyline. Will Arnett (who I’m secretly in love with) has a web of lies that get more and more interesting over time.
  5. 13 Reasons Why – I got about 1/3 of the way through on this and plan to finish it soon. We live in a sad world of bullying these days and this really shines a light on the effects of it.
  6. Master of None Season 2 – In my first post about my favorite shows, this was listed and I couldn’t WAIT for the 2nd season to be here. It’s good, but maybe not as good as the first. It’s still worth a watch though especially if you’re currently dating.
  7. Trevor Noah Afraid of the Dark – I love a good standup and Trevor Noah is not only hilarious but totally cute. His impersonations are the best!
Read my list from last year with lots of great series you’ll for sure want to binge! I’d love to know what you’re watching as I’m always looking for new shows to waste my days away with.
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    Your bedroom decor is gorgeous


      Thank you! It’s my favorite space in the house.

    Laura Leigh

    Need to start watching 13 Reasons Why. I’m still binge watching Brothers & Sisters. Just four episodes left and I want to cry that it’s almost over.

    xo Laura Leigh


      I think it’s so funny you’re watching that show. It’s SO old but honestly one of the BEST shows ever. I think I need to rewatch it its been so long it’ll feel like a new show.


    I watched Scientology and the Aftermath when it originally aired, it’s so disturbing & my heart broke for the people who had been separated from their families! I agree that it’s such a fascinating world! Have you watched The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu? It’s amazing!



      I don’t have Hulu!! Was thinking of getting it just to watch that show though


    Awesome list. Definitely putting some of these shows on my to-watch list. 🙂

    Jessica Hart

    13 reasons why was such a great show. I mean the topic isn’t the best, but you can definitely start to understand this world of bullying people might go through. One person can truly make a difference.

    Jessica xo
    the way to my Hart

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