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I stumbled onto this photo that Emily Henderson (my decor spirit animal) had on her blog this week with this midcentury piano. Fun fact, I used to play piano as a kid. I was terrible and still am, but it’s hands down my most favorite instrument. I think they’re beautiful to look at, listen to and fun to play. I wish my parents were more strict when it came to certain things, like practicing my piano. My Mom tries to keep reminding me that I’d hate her and the piano if she forced me. Whatever, Ma. I just want to be like Mozart sometimes.

After finding this photos I thought I’d share a few of my favorite mid-century little nooks that I’ve been discovering. Really hope this trend is here to stay for a while because it’s giving me all the heart eyes.


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    Laura Leigh

    That piano is gorgeous! Like you…or like your mom says, I got a little sassy with my parents when I was told to practice. Whoops!

    xo Laura Leigh


      I still blame my parents for not turning me into a professional figure skater or pianist. Can’t be my fault, right? Ha!

    Britney Crawley

    Loving the mid-century vibes in these photos. We’ve added a few mid-century touches as we’ve bought more furniture and started to redecorate.


      I love them, they’re great for adding some character!

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