In N Out

Madewell Cactus Courier Shirt | BLANK NYC Shorts c/o South Moon Under | Adidas | Similar Backpack | Ray-Ban Aviators
Madewell Cactus Courier Shirt | BLANK NYC Shorts c/o South Moon Under | Adidas | Similar Backpack | Ray-Ban Aviators

You just can’t go to California and not get In N Out. We landed at LAX on the Thursday before Coachella and I was slightly drunk from trying to catch up to what I thought was an already drunk crew awaiting my arrival. I arrive to everyone being sober and I’m just a hot mess. So we took a detour to In N Out before heading to Palm Springs and as soon as I smelled the bag of food I immediately regretted the decision. Didn’t take one bite.

So while in Palm Springs I had to make up for the missed opportunity of fast food heaven. So Ashley and I headed to In N Out during our shoot to grab lunch and snap a few photos. She was smart and ordered hers protein style (wrapped in lettuce). Since I don’t live near one of these, I went for the whole kit and caboodle. No lettuce wrap here!

If you’ve never been to an In N Out burger, you’re missing out. The burgers are amazing. The fries, not so much if you ask me. But some people LOVE them. The menu is simple, as in 3 options. Hamburger, cheeseburger, or double cheeseburger. It’s simple and to the point and there’s no need to mess with it.


Photos by Ashley LaPrade

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    Laura Leigh

    YUM! Love In N Out Burger! Also your legs are looking fabulous lady!

    xo Laura Leigh


      Ha thanks! I said the same thing. Clearly good angle bc trust me they don’t really look that long.

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    Looks delicious!!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl


    Looks delicious and I love this look on you. Simple yet super chic.
    xx -Annie


    Yum! In N out is the BEST!! I actually worked at one in high school and am addicted to the animal style fries (cheese, grilled onion, secret sauce). They are a total splurge but worth it once a year!

    XO, Niki

    Josh Johnson

    And now I’m craving some animal style goodness.

    Jessica Hart

    That cactus button down is adorable!

    Jessica xo

    the way to my Hart


      Seriously had to have it the second I saw it. It’s so cute!

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