A Picnic At The Eiffel Tower

The Best Thing To Do While In Paris

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White House Black Market Striped Dress | White House Black Market Sandals | Beach Tote
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One of my good friends, Vicky used to live in Paris for a few years while attending grad school and then stayed to work. I’ve always envied her stories of Paris, so whenever I’ve visited, I’ve tried to do everything she’s ever suggested. A few things I have been able to see every single time, like her old neighborhood, her favorite creperie and so on. But one thing she always recommended I do was get a bottle of wine, baguette and cheese, and head to the park at the Eiffel Tower and spread out a blanket and just relax.

The last time I visited with my friend Kristin, our days were pretty packed with tons of touristy stuff. Plus, the weather wasn’t all that great. On this past trip though, we were a little more relaxed, with much more free time. Plus the weather was incredible. So one day we ended up going to the park and doing just that. We grabbed the essentials and headed down to spread out and chill. I’ll be honest, we shot the look for the blog and then did it again later that day. When we went back that night to do it all over again basically, we actually saw a couple get married right there. We were literally 10 feet from them and didn’t even realize it until the violinist started. And then I proceeded to cry my eyes out because it was so freaking romantic and beautiful. And I’m also so #single.

If you’re ever in Paris, I can’t recommend doing this enough. It was probably the highlight of our trip to be honest. The Eiffel Tower also lights up once it’s dark out every hour on the hour for 10 minutes. It’s simply magical and doesn’t ever get old.

PS this little dress is so fun, I can’t wait to wear it again and twirl in it. I’ve got short-ish legs, so I kind of wish I did this in a petite. Either way, it’s so cute and fun. You can shop more White House Black Market favorites below.

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Photos by Katie Donnelly 

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