The perfect girls trip to Charleston at Zero George

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Charleston has quickly become a fun and easy go to place to visit for me. With it being just a 5 hour drive (but honestly it’s one hour too long if you ask me) it makes heading for a little getaway that much easier.  It also holds a sweet spot for me since it’s where Cathy and I really grew our conference with The Blog Societies over the last couple of years. It’s a labor of love and I always feel excited to be back in the Holy City. When Cathy asked if I wanted to join her for a little media trip to Zero George, I said duh. Count me in! Since our good friend Kristin just moved there, it was a great time to meet up with her too to catch up.

While changing looks with Kim to shoot around the hotel, she snapped some of these gorgeous photos of Zero George and all its amazing charm. I now actually have the last palm tree leaves photo as my iPhone background because it’s just that good. I honestly may print it and frame it. These trees just scream vacation to me. Cathy always rolls her eyes when I get excited about seeing them anytime we find them on our travels. I guess when you grew up in Florida, they’re just normal trees to you! But to me, they’re vacation trees.

One of my favorite things about Zero George were there mint bikes they had on hand to grab for guests. It was the only way I got around town that week and I loved every single second of it. I mean, I loved it so much I’ve had three blog posts featuring them. During our stay, we stopped into their bar which is situated in the lobby. It’s a quaint little boutique hotel. Basically several little houses with rooms in each. The lobby is also the kitchen, and the bar and the breakfast nook. It’s kind of fun to have it all right there and be in the mix with everyone. We spent a few hours at the bar trying all their fun drinks and gobbling up dessert too. We made best friend with the bartender, which is sort of our standard thing now. And also decided on pseudo names for when we travel. Because, hey, why not! Also, with social media and everyone knowing EXACTLY where we are sometimes, thought it would be fun. I won’t share what we came up with, obviously, but let’s just say the bartender’s name makes an appearance in one of our names!

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All photos by Kim Graham

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