Canadian Tuxedo & Spots

Paige Button Down | Madewell Jeans | Minor History Circle Bag c/o | Heels | Sisley Lipstick in “Poppy”

Paige Button Down | Madewell Jeans | Minor History Circle Bag c/o | Heels | Sisley Lipstick in “Poppy”

It’s been a while since I rocked a full Canadian tuxedo you guys. I think the last time was a few years ago in Charleston here. I have to say, it’s one fun get up. Breaking it up with a fun printed bag and simple heels makes it seem a super stylish, right? I hope so! 

I’m obviously a denim fanatic as it’s ALL I wear usually. I’m trying to break out of my usual three pairs that I rotate through. Let’s be honest, more like two. These Madewell ones are a fun change of pace with their lighter wash. Also, I’ve realized I need to size down from now on in Madewell jeans. They tend to not have a ton of spandex in them, so they loosen up quickly and don’t retain their shape as well as other brands. I always tend to grab super dark wash jeans, but for spring and summer, I think I’m into the whole light wash look!  Shop more  jeans I’m eyeing right now below.


Photos by JNelly

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